Bridal / Wedding Registry

It is becomingly increasingly common for couples to come up with bridal / wedding registry. The stigma of letting known of your gifts needs to guests has eroded over the years. Though the bridal / wedding registry is not publicized publicly to the guests in the invitation, it is usually spread by word of mouth at bridal showers or through friends and family.

Having a bridal / wedding registry benefits both the couple and the guests. For the couple, they could avoid the problem of receiving unwanted or duplicate gifts. However one thing to caution on devising the items on the bridal registry is that you will need to know what you really need and whether the items are realistic or not. It defeats the purpose if your registry contains all the expensive items which you know that the guests would not be able to afford them. So do think it through on what you want to add to the registry. Discuss with each other on what are the things you think that both of you might need.

Some guidelines on how to draft up a bridal / wedding registry:

  • Know your lifestyle.

Choose something which you would need and suits your way of life.

  • Balance the value of the gifts in the list.

You would know that you might receive a few of the expensive items which you have listed in your registry. So to avoid getting the wrong balance of the gifts you want, try to balance the value of the gifts so that you roughly would be able to obtain the majority of them without many duplicates.

  • Have a mixture on the categories of items .

Try to come up with a mix of items for the guests to choose from such as cutleries or pots and pans. Do not try to skew too much to one type of gifts unless you really need them. If you want more household items, then you could list more items in the same category. If not, try to come up with a few varieties to give the guests more choices.

  • Go to the store to see the goods !

With the evolution of the Internet, it is increasingly simple and convenient to shop online. Thus you might just brose through the catalogue to pick your items. However it might be more advisable for you to hit right down to the store to see the real stuff so that you really know the things you are getting!

After coming up with the list, you could then register them at either an online store with a physical shop front or just an online website, depending on your preferences.

The next thing is to spread the word around subtlety so that your guests are informed and could give you the gifts you have in mind.

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