Bridal Shower Do’s and Dont’s

Your best friends have been generous and thoughtful enough to throw you a great bridal shower, and it’s up to you to make it known how much their efforts are appreciated. Don’t assume that your friends just have to throw you a shower – they don’t. It’s only gracious that you take the time and make the effort to thank your friends for their efforts.

A simple thank you note or verbal thanks just won’t do when it come to thanking the person who has thrown you the shower. Present her a gift to show your appreciation along with a hand written Thank You note.

Never throw your own bridal shower, it’s tacky. Showers are generally seen as gift receiving functions where the presenting of the gifts is a major part of the proceedings. Any occasion where receiving gifts is given such huge importance should not be thrown by the person themselves. Don’t ask friends to throw you a shower either.

Asking for gifts is equally undesirable, but you can maintain a registry. Don’t list out the registry in the invitation itself. Write it down on a separate sheet of paper, and insert into the envelope with the invite.

Make sure you personally thank all guests who attend.

Never invite people to the shower that you have no intention of inviting to the wedding. It just seems like you’re inviting them for the gifts – exceptionally tacky and quite rude. You might have a separate shower for colleagues and co workers at your office. However, it’s always best to invite people to the shower and the wedding.

Bachelor and Bachelorette Party

Bachelorette parties are a great way for the bride and girl friends to get together, and have a final fling before the wedding. Traditionally, the groom has his bachelor’s party and the bride has her shower or a bachelorette party. An increasing trend is the merging of both these parties into one Jack and Jill Shower. These co ed parties will include the bride’s friends and guy friends as well as the groom and all his friends. A Jack and Jill shower will have to be planned differently from showers or same sex wedding parties – you’ll have to make sure there are enough activities to keep the guys and girls happy. Leave the raunchy entertainment for a night out with your girl friends – a co ed party is not the right place for this.

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