Bridal Parties

Apart from the bridal shower, there are other pre-wedding parties that people who are getting married can prepare for.

The Bridesmaids Luncheon

This luncheon is meant to show the bride’s appreciation to her bridesmaids. Most of the time, these luncheons are very informal. Sometimes the bridesmaids are treated to a girls’ night out where they can have a good time. These parties also serve as a perfect way for the maids to get to know one another better. There are times when these luncheons are used for fitting gowns and picking out jewelry. These parties are usually held one or two weeks before the wedding.

The Bachelor Party

The best man usually hosts a bachelor party for the groom. This party is designed to help the groom shake off any wedding jitters. At a bachelor party, various kinds of male entertainment are featured. The groom may also give gifts of appreciation to his groomsmen during these parties. It would be a good idea to hold this party just a few days before the wedding.

The Wedding Breakfast

The wedding breakfast is usually hosted by a friend of the bride for those who have come from out-of-town for the wedding. Apart from being a “welcome party,” the wedding breakfast can also be a good time for out-of-town guests to be informed of the schedule of events surrounding the wedding.

The Bridal Brunch

The bridal brunch gives the bride an opportunity to spend some time with her relatives who have come from different places to be with her for her wedding. This allows the bride to thank her relatives whom she may not be able to see again for a long time.

The Rehearsal Dinner

After the wedding rehearsal, a dinner is usually held for members of the wedding party. Those who will attend include the bride and her fiancé’s immediate families, the priest or minister and spouse, if any, and out-of-town guests. Toasts are usually given during these parties in honor of the couple and their parents. It would be a good idea to schedule the dinner early in the evening.

These parties serve different purposes and can make the whole wedding experience more memorable for the couple since they are given the chance to thank those who have made their wedding possible.

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