Bridal Bouquets

Brides strive to make an entrance with an enthralling and brilliantly attractive bridal bouquet. Like most wedding preparations, choosing the correct bouquet is also significant. The maid of honor or the bridesmaids often carry their own, smaller wedding bouquets. The flowers are so important in some ceremonies that some brides may choose an original watercolor painting of the bridal bouquet along with photographs for memorabilia.

Real flowers are usually an option, though expensive and seasonal. However, real flowers do not last long and will have drooped before the wedding week ends. Bridal bouquet preservation services may be hired, either to preserve bouquets after use or to make beautiful pressed flower arrangements. Prices of real flower bouquets vary widely. For instance, the transportation costs of roses fluctuate daily and therefore, an exact price cannot be quoted until 30 days before the event. Silk wedding flowers save money and can last a lifetime. Brides can now choose extraordinarily realistic silk flower designs and original fresh designs.

The bride, rather than her attendants, typically carries cascading wedding bouquets. However, hand-tied or clutch bouquets are becoming increasingly popular with brides.

It is the bride’s preference as to what style of wedding bouquet she carries. A round wedding bouquet is gracefully arranged on a plastic bouquet holder and covered with satin ribbon to give it a finished appearance. Arm bouquets are extended in shape and are to be cradled on one arm. This frees the bride’s other arm to hold on to her escort. Most bridal bouquets are not pre-made. Consultants work hand-in-hand with brides to ensure that they get exactly what they desire.

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