Best Home Remedy for Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction (ED or impotence) occurs when a man is not capable of achieving or maintaining an erection of the penis during sexual intercourse. Penile erection normally occurs when a man is sexually aroused, perhaps by what he sees, hears, thinks or even smells. In this state, blood is diverted from the brain to sponge-like tissues lining the penis, leading to an increase in length, size and firmness of the penis. This is known as an erection.

Besides the fact that an erection is necessary for fulfilling sexual activity, most men view it as the symbol of manhood. With erectile dysfunction, such men may feel that they have become somewhat less than what real men ought to be. Also, poor erection may lead to stress and to problems in once happy relationships.

It is therefore important, in the light of these, to know the best home remedy for erectile dysfunction. The following steps are intended to point you in the right direction.

Understand the causes . There are a variety of reasons why erectile dysfunction may occur. Sometimes, it may be as a result of some underlying medical condition, like diabetes or high blood pressure; other times, it may be brought about by prolonged and uncontrolled use of alcohol, tobacco or drugs, and sometimes still, it may be that you are simply fatigued or stressed or anxious about things that have nothing to do with sex.

When you first notice that you are having difficulty maintaining an erection, do not panic. Rather, examine yourself and try to figure out why you are experiencing erectile dysfunction. If need be, consult a doctor, and have them help you discover the root cause of your problem.

Live healthy . The best way to get rid of erectile dysfunction is not to have it happen in the first place. For this purpose, the importance of living a positive, healthy lifestyle cannot be stressed enough. When faced with this problem, it becomes even more important to evaluate your lifestyle and make healthier choices regarding what you eat and what activities you participate in.

Taking food rich in calories, for example, increases your chances of experiencing erectile dysfunction since they build up fat deposits in your body and may lead to medical problems like diabetes, hypertension and atherosclerosis, a situation where the arteries are hardened beyond normal. These problems, as highlighted earlier, make it easier for you to have erectile dysfunction.

Another component of a healthy lifestyle is exercise. Regular exercise keeps the body sharp and its organs, which of course include the penis, functioning at their optimum levels. Exercise also helps in using up stored fats in the body, reducing your chances of having medical problems that may later lead to erectile dysfunction. Going a step further, it has been shown that regular exercise, especially aerobic activity, is capable of curing erectile dysfunction in up to 30% of obese men.

Come on now, isn't it about time you start living healthy?

Get help . Erectile dysfunction may be embarrassing, but if you really want to get rid of it, you must put your inhibitions aside and get help. There are a variety of treatment methods available which you'll never get to know about until you talk to someone, especially your doctor. Understand that you are not alone. A vast majority of men experience erectile dysfunction from time to time and the frequency increases as you grow older, and so there is no shame in seeking for help.

Be upbeat and positive in thought and action, because behaving otherwise promotes stress and compounds the situation. It is possible to get rid of erectile dysfunction and help is available if only you are willing to put your shame aside and reach out for it.

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