Bed Bath and Beyond Bridal Registry

Your wedding should be perfect and with all of the places that something can go wrong all of the help that you can get is greatly appreciated. Bed Bath and Beyond Bridal Registry not only allows you to sign up so that your friends can purchase the gifts you would prefer; They have an electronic assistant in their Bridal Toolkit to help you along the way. With the great selection, ability to make returns easily and friendly service that you receive when in the store, Bed Bath and Beyond is an obvious selection for a bridal registry.

Ease of Use

Your friends and family can choose to shop online or in their local Bed Bath and Beyond store for your gifts. Products are listed with their prices, weights, shipping costs and other fees available so your guesswork. A few clicks and you are on your way to set up your account or to purchase a gift for your loved one. Keepsakes as well as necessities can be given. You can browse the site by category or by brand. The site is made for your ease of use and the stores themselves have a friendly staff available to assist you to have a fairly problem free experience as well.


The selection is so vast there are few things that might not be available. Not only do they have just about every category that you might need for your household including bedding, kitchen appliances, tableware, flatware, cutlery, bedroom furnishings, household furnishings and such; But they also have categories such as infants, children, keepsakes, window treatments, rugs, electronics, seasonal, and many more categories. Sections with suggestions for both the couple and the guests are available.


The bridal registry includes a bridal toolkit with several organizers and planning guides for the bride. These tools include a timeline, a task manager, a personal wedding site, seating arranger and guest list manager. The task lists include over 200 tasks for the 12 month engagement period. With that many things to do it is nice to have someone help you stay organized.


If you have friends and family who are going to show up at the store just days before your big event and pick up some pieces to complete your China set, they might not like what they find. These pieces are easily purchased online but the stores do not keep these pieces in stock. It can take 4 to 6 weeks for delivery for these pieces. A little preplanning can keep this from being a problem. Spending a little time getting to know the system once you sign up can be beneficial in the long run.

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