Authentic Fendi Bags

If you are looking for authentic Fendi bags to buy, there are some simple things that you can look for that will help you determine what is real and what is a waste of your money. There is nothing wrong with Fendi replica bags, but when you think you are looking at authentic Fendi bags a replica is the absolute worst thing that you could spend your money on. Authentic Fendi bags are beautiful, high quality, and internationally known for their spectacular impact on the whole handbag industry. Because Fendi is so well known and they offer such a wide variety of handbag styles, they are the most widely replicated bags in the world. Knowing all of this, you should be sure that you can buy the real Fendi bags that you want to buy.

The first thing to take note of is that all authentic Fendi bags have serial numbers printed right on them. This should not be a serial number that occurs in any other Fendi handbag, so if you are at a retailer that has several bags all with the same serial number, you know that they are fakes. It's important to note that many fakes do in fact have serial numbers, so you can not assume that a serial number makes one an authentic Fendi. A serial number in and of itself is not enough to have you opening your check book, so keep reading so that you can decipher which is the real deal and which is not so that you do not spend too much on something that is not ' t worth it.

Once you have located the serial number you can then move onto the straps or handles on the handbag. Authentic Fendi bags have leather, not vinyl, straps and handles on their bags most of the time. Also, the straps are totally leather, there is no layering or vinyl backing on the handles and straps. Also, when you look at the stitching in the leather on authentic Fendi bags you will notice that it is not a different color, in fact it is so like the color of the leather it actually blends into it, while knockoffs are usually stitched in a different color. Stitching will also be straight on authentic Fendi bags, while replicas will often have uneven stitched lines in the handles or straps. It is this attention to detail that makes authentic Fendi bags so much more beautiful and pricey than anything else.

Another item that will clue you into which authentic authentic Fendi bags are the buckles. Buckles on the authentic bags will be perfectly square, not rectangular or circular. Buckles usually say Fendi on the sides of them as well, while others do not. Not only is the buckle perfectly square, everything about authentic Fendi bags is perfectly uniform. There is no unevenness to Fendi bags, but many of the replicated bags will be smaller on one side than they are on the other, the zipper will not be sewn in exactly even, and there just is not the attention to detail that Fendi gives their bags.

Another thing that you should consider when you are shopping for authentic Fendi bags is that the retailer should not be uncomfortable with you checking out all of these minor differences. Retailers that get nervous when you start zipping and unzipping, buckling and unbuckling, and checking for real Fendi characteristics generally have something to hide and it would be in your best interest to move on to a retailer that is open and honest and comfortable with all of their products being scrutinized by their customers. That's the way retail works, and those that are legal know it.

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