All About a Corelle Dinnerware Set

A Corelle dinnerware set is designed to make an impact. Corelle offers a wide variety of very durable patterns. These patterns are classified into six styles: simply natural, classic elegance, casual whimsy, sleek and modern, global fusion and cozy chic.

Each dinnerware set has its strength whether it is that the dinnerware is a celebration of everything natural and made from organic materials or maybe the set is sophisticated with great lines or perhaps the set offers a fresh look with soft colors. No matter what type of dinnerware you are looking for, you will be able to find it with a Corelle dinnerware set.

Everyone has their own sense of style and that is one of the reasons Corelle offers so many different patterns from which to choose. The materials that Corelle uses in their dinnerware offer many benefits:

– All patterns are microwave safe – Tempered glass is used for break resistance – All patterns are fade resistant – Patterns are dishwasher and oven safe – They are stackable without the worry of breakage and chips – All patterns are very lightweight – They are all chip resistant

Since dinnerware needs to last, this list of benefits is one of the reasons that Corelle dinnerware sets stand head and shoulders above other brands.

More than 40 years ago, scientists at Corning Glass Works developed a special hub lamination process that bonds three layers of glass. The glass was decorated and sold as Corelle glass dinnerware. This dinnerware was first introduced to consumers in 1970 and two revolutionary guarantees were offered. The company promised to replace any pieces that broke, chipped, cracked or stained (under normal use) for the first two years, without requiring proof of purchase (today, the company offers a three year warranty) and they committed to pattern continuity. Within eighteen months of Corelle dinnerware sets being placed on sale, they had sold more than 40 million pieces. This is an amazing number and even today, over 40 years later, you will find a Corelle dinnerware set in over half of all households.

For most Corelle patterns, you are still able to purchase individual pieces. Corelle develops their patterns after the very latest trends in home decor.

Some advice for using any Corelle set is to not use it on a stovetop, under a broiler or on an open flame. Be careful of sudden temperature changes – you should never add liquid to a hot item or place a hot item on a wet surface. Do not use abrasive cleaners on your dinnerware set and do not abuse your set by hitting it against a hard object – it is, after all, make of glass and all glass can be broken.

A Corelle dinnerware set is functional, stylish and versatile. The sets also offer coordinating serving plates and bowls, casserole dishes and more. Take some time to check out the numerous patterns, as you are certain to find a Corelle set that suits your style and your pocketbook!

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