Advantages of E-Vites

In a traditional scenario, you always try and hand over your wedding invitations personally. But, now, with half the people you know being all over the world, the best way to move forward is using e-vites.

The Advantages of using e-vites

Highly Customizable

E-vites can be specifically customized to suit your tastes and suit the people who are receiving the invite. A traditional looking e-vite with gold motifs etc can be sent to older relatives and colleagues. You can design a completely jazzy e-vite to send specifically to your friends and cousins. You can also customize which events you are inviting whom to and track these.

The e-vite can also be used to lead guests to your gift registry site. This is a great way of ensuring that people who want to get you something nice for your wedding, can choose from gifts that you would love to get.

Saves Time

You don’t need to visit each and every one of your friends and acquaintances. You can just send them an e-vite. This not only saves time, you can also get them to save the date of your wedding several months in advance. This is fabulous while trying to invite friends and relatives from different countries, who might need some advance notice to plan their trip.

Also, inviting them is very convenient, because most websites let you import contacts directly from your email accounts or from Facebook.

Instant Responses

Using e-vites will enable your potential guests to send you instant responses on whether they will be attending your wedding or not. You can customize the e-vites to find out exactly how many guests will make it to each of the events and the wedding. This will allow you to plan your guest-list, table seating, catering and other necessities perfectly.

Going Green and Helping Out

While several potential guests might be upset with not receiving traditional wedding cards, you can explain to them that e-vites are a great way of doing something for the environment. You are saving paper and that’s a brilliant thing to do. You can also decide to put together all the money you might have used on sending traditional invitations and donate it to charity or a cause that you support. This would be a great start to you marriage.

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