Access Vs Excel – When to Use Access

In all the circumstances below you should consider using Access instead of Excel

o You have data that is constantly changing and you frequently need to produce reports based on it. Your Reports and Queries in Access are dynamic. What this means is that you are storing the instructions and not the results. The results are only produced once you run the report or Query. The benefit of this is that if the data you are querying or reporting changes you do not have to rewrite your reports and queries. In Excel this would present you with quite a bit of extra work editing and reformatting.

o Creating additional reports and queries is so much easier in access as it does not create creating links and transferring data.

o As you are able to store several tables within an Access database it enables you to organize your data more logically and efficiently. Your Reports and Queries are able to reference multiple tables in a much easier way than Excel.

o If you are using a version of Excel prior to 2007 you are limited to 65,536 records. Access is able to handle much larger numbers.

o With a large amount of data Access will be much quicker at extracting records that meet multiple criteria.

To conclude although Access and Excel possess many similarities both programs can store large amounts of data Both can run queries Both can slice and dice that data

However, each program has clear advantages depending on the type of data that you are managing and what you want to do with that data. Access is better at maintaining data integrity accessible by multiple users whereas Excel is adept at manipulating complex numerical data that needs to be analyzed in depth.

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