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Luxury boats have been cruising the seas with their sleek aspect and dashing speeds for quite some years now. By the way the demand keeps increasing and the models look better and better, I can honestly say this will not stop here. There are several types of boats out there sailing under the gaze of Poseidon daily, and this is the article where we are going to talk about the main types of luxury boats splitting the waves these days.

The party yacht is the first type of luxury boats for sale out there on the markets. The party yacht looks pretty much like a miniature cruise ship, however miniature does not mean it is really small. The party yacht generally comes with two or three levels and can hold a great number of people. Special luxury features, such as heated swimming pools, Jacuzzi, a dance floor, a bar, multiple rooms and even a helipad for surprise guests to appear from, are available on this type of luxury boat. The price is one of the steepest as these boats are some of the largest in size and will come associated with the largest number of luxury features.

The second type of boats is the luxury power boat. This type of boat is smaller in size, however it looks like a white arrow speeding across the surface of the water. An immense amount of horsepower is the main advantage these luxury boats have to offer and speed is surely not an issue as far as they are concerned. They come at a big price since they can compete with a normal speed boat on the open sea, and leather and air conditioning are only a few of the luxury features available on these boats.

Third most important type of luxury boats for sale is the fishing yacht. This is a boat that combines luxury with efficiency and style. You can go fishing and you can celebrate your catch, while inside the Jacuzzi, accompanied by your friend and with a glass of champagne in your hand. Also combining practicality with luxury, fishing boats have other features included such as scuba diving equipment for exploration fans and some ski-jets for the speed fans.

All these types of luxury boats can also be found at luxury boat rental offices and the price here will be calculated regarding the time you spend put to sea and the type of boat selected.

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