A Wedding Planner, a Wedding Consultant, a Wedding Coordinator – Whatever the Title, Do We Need One?

We are asked this question often, by brides and by grooms.

For the sake of simplicity, let us refer to all as wedding specialists.

Actually the tone of the question varies between brides and grooms.

Brides get very emotional and excited about planning their dream weddings. Most want to plan it.

Grooms often would like to take an active role but believe, or thinks that their brides believes that it is the women who should plan the wedding. Many would like to, but do not volunteer because they do not want to "take away" the excitement their bride has toward planning their very special day. We are also asked by brides and grooms who hold jobs or professions, go to school or both and are pressed for time.

The question whether you need to hire a wedding specialist is rather complex. It can not be answered with a yes or a no.
Many factors need to be considered and they will influence the decision.

The first step to answering the question is to determine

What is a wedding specialist?

A wedding specialist is professional who is familiar with the wedding circuit in your region, usually possesses a lot of experience, creative ideas, know-how, sense of organization, attention to details and strong contacts with vendors and service providers.
Most experienced wedding specialists have over the years learned what to expect, what to ask and how to negotiate with their peers.

Now, consider the following:

How much time and energy do you have to devote to planning your wedding and can you rely on friends and family to help?

Planning a wedding can and should be fun. You must remember however, and be prepared for the:

  • realistic wedding budgets you need to set and stay within,
  • various schedules you need to plan,
  • endless details you need to take care of,
  • logistics you need to coordinate,
  • many vendors and service providers you need to interview, hire, work with and supervise when necessary,
  • deligation of some responsibilities and being on top of the – what, by whom and by when to do list and following up.
  • If you were to, what degree would you like to engage the wedding specialist?

  • To consult with regarding what needs to be done, a realistic budget to execute it and how to go about doing so?
  • To hire the vendors and service providers you can work with on your behalf?
  • To hire the vendors and service providers for you, work with and supervise them?
  • To do everything other than the attire, from the Save the date to the favors and everything in between and to supervise during the wedding itself?
  • To supervise the wedding day itself – only?
  • You do not want to engage a wedding specialist.
  • How much can you budget for the service of a wedding specialist?

    Take into consideration that some wedding specialists charge:

  • A flat fee that depends on what you want them to do,
  • A percentage of the cost of your wedding,
  • A fee from you and a fee from the vendors and service providers they offer your wedding to,
  • There are some other fee schedules but they are less common.
  • Are you planning a destination wedding?

    Without your wedding location offers their services as part of the wedding package, this is the only situation where you must budget and hire a local wedding specialist. Hire the most experienced wedding specialist where you plan to have your wedding, because it is impossible to plan a wedding from afar.

    The only exception is if you have friends and – or family in the region who can plan on your behalf.
    However, I do not recommend it.

    Many brides and grooms do not want to miss the excitation of planning their own wedding but are not sure how to achieve professional results. Following are a few tips


    As for most endeavors, there are tools You need to have.

    You need information.
    So, read as many books on wedding planning and as many articles as you can lay your hands and your eyes on.

    The Internet offers many informative articles.

    Attend as many Bridal Shows as you can

  • Pay attention to how various vendors and service providers interact with each other.
  • Collect as much literature, brochures and business cards as you can
  • Write yourself information notes and remarks on the back of the business card.
  • If you have questions for any vendor or service provider, ask! You need to be informed !!!
  • You need to be organized and you want wedding planning keepsakes.

    So arm yourself with a comprehensive wedding planning kit that includes:

  • a planning calendar,
  • an appointment book,
  • a 3 ring binder with dividers and sheet protectors,
  • notebooks,
  • a large journal,
  • 2 small journals and pens to always have with you,
  • a business card folder,
  • a mini photo album,
  • scissors, tape, and a mini stapler
  • a pretty box or a tote bag to house these items
  • a computer, a printer and a camera are very helpful tools indeed.
  • The following tips are applicable to most of the vendors and service providers you need.

    To save money and for easy negotiations contact providers and service providers and request a quote over the phone before your first meeting because:

  • For some reason, most vendors hear the word wedding and up their prices.
  • Wedding professionals charge higher fees than those of their general counterparts.
  • Look for vendors and service providers not for wedding vendors and service providers.
  • Contact a vendor, service provider, not a Wedding vendor or service provider.
  • While on the phone to set an interview appointment, request a price quote for a party, event, get-together. You name it, but do not call it wedding.
  • Give the service providers the basic information including number of guests, date, time of day and number hours requested and ask for a quote.
  • If the vendor ask if it is a wedding ask why is it important. Watch the fees!
  • With a price quote in hand, you may tell the seller when you meet, that it is a wedding.
  • Interview AT LEAST 3 vendors – service providers per category before you decide who to hire.

    Your vendors and service providers team.

    A wedding is a most important event and necessitates the participation and synergy of many vendors and service providers.

    You want to assure that that your vendors – service providers have:

  • vast experience,
  • the necessary and up to date training
  • all the required licenses and documentation,
  • proper and sufficient insurance,
  • health permits if they handle any food,
  • comprehensive contracts that are clear and easy to understand.
  • You also must be sure that you hire professionals not hobbyists.

    Did you ever attend an event where every vendor and service provider came to do his job and go home?

    I have! It was a disaster! I attended a wedding that left the bride and the mother in tears and the bridegroom and fathers so angry the wanted to scream.

    The wedding ceremony was beautiful but the reception …

    The couple came from church only to find the florist arguing with the bandleader about flowers on the stage. The photographer was literally, everywhere at the same time snapping pictures. The caterer started serving almost as soon as all were imprisoned, leaving no time for formalities, toasts and congratulations.

    You get the picture. It was really sad!

    There is only one way to avoid such a fiasco.

    You must hire vendors and service providers that:

  • Work well as a professional team.
  • Take your event seriously, they are concerned with and do their utmost for you.
  • Once they know how you want your wedding to be, can envision your wedding individually and as a team to be the one you can call, without hesitation, your dream wedding.
  • How do we find a group of vendors and service providers that work well together?

    Your best bet is to check out institutions that are no strangers to events.

    Contact or visit the Chamber of Commerce, churches and synagogues and other such establishmentsin your region.

    Find out if they have a list of approved vendors and service providers that work with.

    Most churches use providers and service providers for Church events such as certain holiday celebrations, fund raisers dinners, wedding receptions, special anniversaries (25) (50th), Communion, Baptisms quinceaneras, Sweet 16s etc …)

    Even if you are not Jewish, visit Synagogues and Temples and ask for their approved list. Every Synagogue – Temple has such lists the institution uses for events such as holidays, fund raiser dinners, weddings, special anniversaries (25th) (50th), Bar Mitzvahs, Bat Mitsvahs, etc …).

    One more group or individuals to consider is within your own circle.

    They may not have credentials or special training but are experienced.

    Find out if any of your friends or relatives have planned event at work or privately.

    Check your list for couples who planned their own wedding successfully, parents who planned special life cycle event parties for themselves, their children other loved ones etc …
    Pay special attention to people you know who can contribute to your success and just as you ask for bridal attendants, ask for their participation in the wedding planning. Most will be honored to be asked and eager to help.

    I hope the information will help you make your lifetime event, an event for a lifetime.

    Copyright © 2007 All Rights Reserved Nily Glaser

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