A Few Tricks That Can Help You Win Table Shuffleboard

If you are a shuffleboard table enthusiast, you can learn a few tricks to improve your skills to score better. The main objective of the game is to make sure that your weight is at the far end of the table or nearest to the scoring area. To master techniques like English back spin, side-wheeling and controlling your weight so that it is placed exactly where you want, will all help you to enjoy shuffleboard table even more.

Legendary shuffleboard players like Roadhouse Billy Mays, have taken the game to the next level by participating in professional tournaments and introducing this sport to a wider audience. With sincere diligence and commendable trick shots, shuffleboard table fans are in complete awe of him and the game.

When the English trick is applied the thumb and forefinger are used to apply force to turn the weight anti-clockwise. A lot of practice is needed to learn this technique since if it is not spun properly the weight can slow down and stop in the middle of the shuffleboard table. If this tactic is learnt well and used properly it can increase your points by knocking off your opponent’s weight.

Shuffleboard legend Roadhouse Billy Mays is known for using another trick called side-wheeling, where the shot is taken from the side of the table, using your index and middle finger of your shooting hand to take the shot, which glides down the surface of the board. It’s important to understand if you should take the shot at an angular position or to apply a back spin. It all depends on where you want your weight to be placed and it should be difficult for your opponent to knock it off. With practice and precision you can stay clear of the gutters and manipulate your opponent’s shots.

Shuffleboard table requires, patience, the right amount of control and force that will help you to score maximum number points and help you to maneuver your weights to any position that you want. Players who use both hands to take a shot have a higher advantage, since they can take a shot from either side of the table. The game is simple, use good quality weights; move your opponent’s weight by knocking it off and block your weights which are a good offence and defense method to win the game.

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