6 Reasons Why People Buy Designer Brand Fashion

A lot of people buy designer clothing and accessories, we can now see that a lot of Asian countries such as Singapore and Malaysia have a lot of people who are willing to purchase very expensive luxury items. In this article you will learn of 6 main reasons why people will buy branded designer clothing and accessories.

1. Product Quality

Some designer brands can be made from a very high level of quality and standard. Designer clothes and accessories including handbags are often made from finer fabric and have superior stitching quality and attention to detail.

2. Consistency

People who buy designer brands will often only stick to a few designers. This is why many times you can see people have over thirty handbags of different models from the same brand. When someone buys a particular pair of jeans from a brand and they end up really liking the fabric and the fit of that pair of jeans then they’re more likely to think that all jeans from that brand are made with the same quality.

3. Self Identity

Many people would identify themselves with the type of brand that they wear. Certain brands can also represent certain things, the certain brands that you wear can determine whether you’re classy preppy, such as the case with Ralph Lauren, young stylish professionals if Monaco and Abecrombie can depict a self image of a more young, and skinny thirteen year old girl. People buy certain brands that represents them the most.

4. Social Status

Most designer brand products are much more expensive than other average ones. This is why most designer brands are commonly associated with higher class people. Other people react more to you if you are wearing designer brands, and this has been a growing trend in the now newly developed economies such as the ones in Asia. As people’s buying power goes up so is their spending on designer luxury goods.

5. Collectibility

There are many elements of designer brand fashion that would urge people to collect them. Many brands would often produce limited edition collectible models of their brand. There are many examples of people collecting handbags, shoes, and sunglasses that are made from the same designer. It somehow ads a sense of uniqueness and accomplishment if you’re 1 out of 1,000 people own a particular model of a product.

6. Celebrities

A lot of celebrities wear designer brand products, they are practically living and walking billboards for brands. When a celebrity wears a brand name product whether they have some sort of agreement with the company or not, they’re pretty much a walking advertisement.

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