5 Popular Wedding Gift Registry Items – And Why You Don't Need Them

Popular wedding websites such as TheKnot.com and bridal magazines such as Real Simple often provide wedding registry checklists for brides and grooms to help them brainstorm bridal gift registry ideas. These wedding registry checklists typically include items such as flatware, appliances, linens and other household goods.

Just because you're getting married, doesn't mean you have to be married to traditional wedding registry gift lists. It's your special day, which means you can create a gift registry that's just as fabulous as you are. If you're a wine lover, wine glasses are a great wedding gift, but a trip to a Napa Valley vineyard would be even better. Get creative and develop a wedding registry that's truly inspired! After all, your wedding day isn't just an ordinary day. So why opt for an ordinary gift registry?

Need help thinking outside the box when it comes to bridal gift registry items? Here are a few popular wedding gifts and some alternative ideas that you're sure to love:

Gift Registry Alternative # 1: Formal Dinnerware

While formal dinnerware is a traditional and common wedding registry item, many couples will admit that they get very little use out it. Instead of dinnerware, think outside the box and register for a night on the town, or dinner at the chef's table at the most exclusive restaurant in your city.

Gift Registry Alternative # 2: Pots and Pans

Pots and pans can make a great wedding gift, especially if you like to channel your inner Julia Child. But don't be afraid to opt for a more creative bridal gift registry alternative, like international cuisine classes. Nonstick baking pans are great, but learning to make dishes from every region of the world is priceless.

Gift Registry Alternative # 3: Bedding

Because most brides and grooms these days are older, they typically already have a closet full of linens by the time the wedding day comes around. Instead of registering for bedding, adding a weekend getaway at a luxury hotel to your wedding registry could be the perfect way to get a blissful night's rest.

Gift Registry Alternative # 4: Luggage

What makes a better wedding gift: items you can take on a trip, or, an actual getaway to a destination of your dreams? Forget the upright bag with the in-line wheels that's on everybody else's bridal gift registry. Instead, celebrate the momentous occasion of your wedding with a trip to Hawaii, Paris or another breathtaking destination of your choice.

Gift Registry Alternative # 5: Home Essentials

Vacuums and ironing boards are nice, but it's likely that you already own them. Besides, are you really that big a fan of cleaning? Why not leave the hard work to someone else and add a maid service to your bridal registry? Think of all the time you'll save that you can spend enjoying your time together as newlyweds.

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