Answer 7 Questions and Save Office Equipment Costs

In recent years, the convergence of office equipment technologies has brought with it a huge choice in Multifunctional, All-in-One devices which can scan, copy, print and fax documents – either at the desktop for independent workers or via a networked standalone device for company workgroups. This latter configuration, of course, can become a “network of […]

The History of Chinese Shoes

We need to wear shoes to protect our feet every day.Do you know something interesting histories about Chinese shoes?Follow me,Let’s learn something about it. Foot Clothing: the earliest shoes and socks The earliest shoes in China were made by tanned animal hide. They are the ancestor of leather boots. In the ancient script engraved on […]

Tips For Women’s Clothing

The list of most adorable things in a woman’s life definitely includes her clothings. Women and fashion are complimentary to each other. This is a very desirable approach too. After all, the fashion conscious women bring color and life everywhere. Just imagine a world where no woman takes care in selecting her apparels. How lifeless […]

Fashion – Become an Alpha Male

To become an alpha male you must know how to project yourself in the best possible light. Image can be defined as a mental conception of an individual. Our image of somebody is created by the beliefs that we have about that person. It may be the impressions we form when meeting somebody new or […]

History of Gucci Sunglasses

They’re the favorite of Hollywood stars and just about everyone else on this planet. Indeed, the power and popularity of Gucci sunglasses cannot be ignored. Young and old alike love them and they have become a part of our culture. But how did it all start? Gucci sunglasses have a long and colorful history. The […]

What Is the Difference Between a Counterfeit and a Knockoff?

A common question for trademark lawyers is what is the difference between a “counterfeit” product and a “knockoff” product? The term counterfeit is strictly defined by federal law. The term knockoff is used colloquially to describe those products that copy or imitate other products, but which may or may not be illegal under trademark laws. […]

Luxury Yachts

Luxury yachts may not be anything new but they have become larger in recent years, and when it comes to individuals associated with luxury yachts there is no name bigger than the Russian Billionaire Roman Abramovich. Roman Abramovich is the owner of three of the biggest luxury yachts sailing on the world’s oceans. Abramovich’s fleet […]

How Greek Red-Figure Vases Replaced Black-Figure Vases

Retro seems to be the in thing these days. There are retro sports jerseys, shoes, video games, movies, etc. What was old is new again. Some wall decor, such as wall vases, celebrates retro artistic styles. While some styles are traditional, others are so retro that they borrow styles from ancient Greek pottery. After Greek […]

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