Table of Glycemic Index Values

One of the most important aspects in all human’s lives is to eat correctly in order to strive for optimum health. People suffering from diabetes should most definitely consider eating low glycemic index foods. There is a fortune of information relating to low GI eating and can be viewed on the internet as well as […]

Gorham Sterling Silver

Possessing Gorham sterling silver pieces in your collection is indeed something to be proud of. The quality and beauty of this prestigious manufacturer had never depreciates through time. Maintaining its elegance with the proper care should be done regularly in order to avoid deterioration and tarnishing. Gorham silver makes wonderful sterling silver flatware and holloware […]

Popular Patterns of Gorham Stainless Steel Flatware

Most women are naturally choosy. Even with our things, we prefer those that have unique and attractive designs. That goes the same with the flat wares that we are using in our households. We go for utensils that have a striking design in its holder or plates that have attractive colors. We chose for things […]

Promotional Disposable Cups- The Most Efficient Solution In Reaching Your Market

Promotional Disposable Cups: The most efficient solution in reaching your market. Distributing promotional items in any event or occasion is a true and tested marketing strategy in communicating to your market. Aside from reinforcing your branding, you are also promoting a positive image for your company. But with all the benefits of distributing promotional giveaways, […]

What Is Stoneware Dinnerware?

What is stoneware dinnerware made of? Stoneware is a hard ceramic material made from 25% ball clay, 15% china clay, 35% flint and 15% china stone that is fired to a high temperature (about 2185 degrees Fahrenheit) giving it a dark, rich textured look of hand made pottery. It can be glazed in a wide […]

Ten Tacky Things To Avoid At Your Wedding

Sometimes in the midst of planning their wedding, impressionable couples can have a tough time sorting out the good ideas from the bad. Just because you have seen something done at another wedding does not necessarily mean that is is okay to include at your own. Ten tacky things to avoid are: 1. A dollar […]

Diamonds – The Variety of the Cut

The engagement ring modern Western culture tends to be fairly standardized. A diamond, sometimes surrounded by other, smaller stones, set into a band of precious metal. However, the cut of the diamond or diamonds has a huge impact on the appearance and tone of the ring. Diamond styles include round, princess, radiant, emerald, oval, pear, […]

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