Invader Zim Season 1

Jetzt kaufen Stand back ignorant Earth filth, or be prepared to… get really hurt. The entire first Season of INVADER ZIM is on this 4-disc DVD, ready to infiltrate your weak funny bones with tales of Earth infiltration and ultimately, world domination! Prepare for imminent laughter!    Disguised as an earthling child, albeit one with a […]

Creative Uses For Decorative Vases

A vase is a decorative piece that's used to display flowers. In general the flowers are the main point of the vase, but often people will leave these pieces out even when they do not have anything of a floral nature to display. That is because the vase itself can be a very attractive piece […]

Heathrow Scientific HD14521B Aluminum Medium Weighing Boat, 57mm Diameter x 14mm Height (Pack of 100)

Jetzt kaufen Use these oil-free boats for general-purpose weighing, dispensing, storage, food processing, evaporating, or drying. Ideal as dust covers or sample holders. Sturdy, yet lightweight dishes feature a smooth flat bottom for sample handling and a flanged, crimped wall for rigidity. Finger-tab handle can be etched prior to weighing for identification. Made from light […]

The Beauty of Sterling Silver Flatware

Sterling silver flatware can make a lovely and sophisticated addition to any table setting. Sterling silver is a timeless and simple beauty that is very common when setting a table, especially for special occasions. Sterling silver flatware, because it can be so valuable both in money and meaning, has to be taken care of in […]

Unique Natural Products Super Digest-It Safe Drain Opener, 128-Ounce

Jetzt kaufen Super Digest-It is an effective and safe drain cleaner and opener. This all-natural, green, drain opener will unclog most drains overnight without using any harsh chemicals that could injure your family or the environment. If used as a drain maintainer you’ll have perfectly running drains without any hassle. You can use this safe […]

Tips and Tricks on How to Make Beaded Silverware

Beaded silverware is popping up everywhere in fine boutiques, and no wonder, it is exquisite. What if you could learn how to make it for yourself? I am going to give you some tips and tricks on how to make your own beaded silverware. The possibilities for design are endless because there is such an […]

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