Wedding Registry Ideas for Blended Families

The creation of a blended family through marriage can be a joyous – and logistically challenging – occasion. Using a wish registry (a tasteful, convenient version of a cash registry) is a fantastic way to simplify and celebrate the union of two people who already have children. For young brides and grooms with no children, […]

The People, Process, Technology Puzzle

Have you heard the buzz words: People, Process, And Technology? To reach business goals, each must Be addressed and each must be appropriate. So, what Does that mean? And, how do the puzzle pieces fit Together? This thing called Technology Technology consists of hardware and software. The Wrong technology decision has the boomerang effect Of […]

Creativity, Inc.: Overcoming the Unseen Forces That Stand in the Way of True Inspiration

Jetzt kaufen NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER | NAMED ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR BY The Huffington Post • Financial Times • Success • Inc. • Library Journal From Ed Catmull, co-founder (with Steve Jobs and John Lasseter) of Pixar Animation Studios, the Academy Award–winning studio behind Inside Out and Toy Story, comes an incisive book about […]

The Social Effect of Clothing

People wear clothes in order to protect their bodies from natural conditions. Heat, extreme cold weather, humidity, and strong sunlight, are some of the reasons why people have begun wearing clothes in the first place. But human clothes have over the years evolved into a symbol in itself. Conveying a social message to a variety […]

The Wedding Gift Etiquette

Giving plenty of gifts to a newly betrothed couple has been tradition for many centuries and is the main reason why the wedding gift business has remained profitable despite changing business conditions. A wedding gift is a tangible representation of support and love for the couple to help them start their new life on a […]

The Christian Atheist: Believing in God but Living As If He Doesn’t Exist

Jetzt kaufen “The more I looked, the more I found Christian Atheists everywhere.” Former Christian Atheist Craig Groeschel knows his subject all too well. After over a decade of successful ministry, he had to make a painful self admission: although he believed in God, he was leading his church like God didn’t exist. To Christians […]

Fashion Styles For Tall Women

There are many different types of tall women, long legged, long bodied, slim, hourglass; And it's important to work out what your specific shape is – if you do not already know. Often tall women get labeled as one particular category, which can be frustrating and very confusing when it comes to creating a wardrobe. […]

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