Fashion and the Economy

Do the rise and fall of the economy and the hemline coincide with each other? In this time of a declining economy some would say that the fall of the economy and the rise of the hemline are connected. Some experts surmise that the connection is for the purpose of saving fabric costs, or that […]

Gucci: From Handbags To Riches

Sometimes Guccio Gucci never realized the excess at which his handbags will be adored by millions of women all across the world. From the time that he First opened his store in 1921 to the present time, he would not have Imagined that his bags would stand the test of time and become one of […]

How Women Can Wear Men's Jeans

 We live in a world where anything is possible when it comes to fashion. Gone are the days when women have to wear feminine clothes, in fact they no longer have to wear women’s clothing at all. This season we see the start of a new trend in men’s jeans and that is ladies’ wearing […]

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