Diamond Symbolism and Mythology

Nowadays, we all know a diamond engagement ring is the most important jewelry purchase in a man’s life and the most significant to the woman who receives it. Diamond is the birthstone of people born in the month of April and is also used as the symbol of a sixty-year anniversary, such as a Diamond […]


Jetzt kaufen An all-star cast of the greatest actresses of our time – including Academy Award winner Vanessa Redgrave, Academy Award winner Meryl Streep, Toni Collette, Claire Danes, Natasha Richardson and Glenn Close – come together in this passionate and heartwarming story. As Ann (Redgrave) reflects on one beautiful and life-changing weekend with the one […]

Wedding Registry – Creating One

It’s never too early, or late, to create a wedding registry. Whether you’ve just gotten engaged or will tie the knot in a few weeks, now is the time to get your list together. Family and friends may want to mail you a gift before the wedding, or they may personally present you with a […]

Satisfied: Discovering Contentment in a World of Consumption

Jetzt kaufen The Counter-Cultural Move from Accumulation to Abundance Why is it so hard to find the contented, satisfied life? What deep hungers drive our purchasing habits, accumulation, and consumer lifestyle? Satisfied is for those drowning in debt, but also those getting farther and farther ahead financially. It is for those who have forgotten who […]

Mature Women Fashion

Mature Women Fashion As a mature woman, you need not give up following the fashion. In fact it is vital to keep up with it and stay young that way. The key here is to dress age appropriately and check very carefully whether you look good in a garment or a combination of them. Very […]

How To Create A Fabulous Cocktail Wedding Reception

Cocktail wedding receptions are all the rage, they are classy and upscale, yet cost considerably less than traditional wedding receptions while giving guests the traditional after-the-ceremony "party" feel. Cocktail receptions create a relaxed and social atmosphere, so you will want to plan your cocktail party with socializing in mind. Here are some great tips to […]

Léon the Professional (Theatrical and Extended Edition) [Blu-ray]

Jetzt kaufen The mysterious Léon (Jean Reno) is New York’s top hitman. When his next-door neighbors are murdered, Léon becomes the unwilling guardian of the family’s sole survivor – 12-year-old Mathilda (Natalie Portman). But Mathilda doesn’t just want protection; she wants revenge. From the electrifying opening to the fatal finale, THE PROFESSIONAL is a nonstop […]

Gift Certificate Wording 101

Unless you’ve already made several gift certificates, gift certificate wording is probably an unknown territory at the moment. Bare with us, as it doesn’t have to be complicated. There are a few mandatory elements and some optional elements you want to include in a gift certificate. In addition to these standard elements, you might consider a […]

Gift Registry Tips

Yes a gift registry makes it a lot easier for you. You do not need to worry about getting three ice buckets (which I got by the way), you can be sure you'll get what you want (or at least 80%) and that most of the gifts go together. The other side of it, of […]

Diamonds Board Game

Jetzt kaufen Diamonds is a trick-taking card game in which players collect Diamonds – not cards bearing that suit, mind you, but rather actual “Diamond Crystals” (acrylic crystals) included in the game. What makes the game of Diamonds different from other trick-taking card games is that when you cannot follow suit you get a “Suit […]

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