12 Shapes to Consider When Buying Vases Wholesale

When buying vases wholesale it is important to know and consider the variety of shapes available. Each shape is more suited for a different flower arrangement. The shape also often determines a more modern, traditional or contemporary look of a flower bouquet.

The most common shapes are:

Cylinder vases have as the name already reveals a cylindrical shape and are generally quite high. They are suited for flowers with a long and strong stem, like roses and have a more modern look.

Tapered down, flared, trumpet, and cone vases are cone-shaped and are relatively small in diameter at the bottom and wider in diameter at the top. They are suitable for almost all kinds of flowers with longer stems due to the extra support the flowers get from the slight slope. They are ideal for a wide gathering of flowers.

Tapered up, teardrop, and oval vases have a medium to small opening at the top and are perfectly suited for flowers that are heavier on the bottom.

Tumblers are in general cylindrical or lightly flared in shape, but are a lot lower than cylindrical vases. They are suited for a large amount of flowers and foliage with small (and more vulnerable) stems.

Bowl, ball, bubble, fishbowl, and sphere vases are ball-shaped, general relatively shallow in depth and have a wide diameter opening at the top. This shape is very suited for wild flowers.

Cube, square, and block vases are square or rectangular shaped and mostly low in height. They are suited for the same kind of flowers as tumblers, but have in general a more modern look.

Bud vases: Bud vases come in different kind of shapes but have in general a small diameter. These vases normally hold one or only some flowers. A single orchid branch or gerbera looks stunning in a bud vase.

Belly or classic vases have a big round diameter on the bottom and a more narrow neck at to top, sometimes trumpet-shaped. They are very suitable for more classic mixed flower arrangements.

Tower vases are very high and slim and are usually wider at the bottom for stability. This sort of vase is very suitable flowers with a long strong stem like lilies.

Martini vases have the shape of large Martini glass and are ideal for centerpieces. They are very suitable for short stemmed flowers with or without filler.

Hourglass vases are wide at the bottom and top and narrow in the middle. They are ideal for very large flower bouquets like bouquets containing amaryllis.

Hurricane vases generally are cylinder shaped and have a heavy thick bottom or stem. They can – depending on the size – be used for flowers in the same way as the tumblers or cylinder vases. They are often used as candle holder for centerpieces.

When buying vases wholesale it is important understand that some flower vases are more popular because they can be used for wider variety of flower arrangements. Cylindrical, tapered down and hourglass vases are therefore very popular.

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