10 Amazing Facts About Diamonds

Diamonds are to women what dogs are to men, their best friend. Diamonds have been on this earth much longer than humans and when you dig deep, prove to be amazing little gemstones. Diamonds make great gifts for almost any occasion so it does not hurt to know a little bit about them.

So what are Diamonds? Well they are specially arranged carbon atoms which are shaped in an isometric-hexoctahedral crystal lattice … try and say that quickly 5 times in a row. They are the second most stable form of Carbon, and its hardness and high dispersion of light make it useful for industrial applications and jewelry.

Fact 1 : Most diamonds are over three billion years old and the youngest being around 100 million years old.

Fact 2 : In ancient times diamonds were thought to have special powers like invincibility, strength and courage.

Fact 3 : Most of the earth's diamonds were formed really deep in the earth, like 100-400 miles deep.

Fact 4 : Diamonds come in many different colors such as yellow, brown and the rare pink and blue colors.

Fact 5 : A thirteenth century law in France decreed that only the king could wear the precious stone.

Fact 6 : Every copper wire in your home electronics is made with a die which is made from diamonds.

Fact 7 : America buys up more than half of the worlds supply which makes it the largest diamond market in the world.

Fact 8 : The largest diamond ever found was 3,106 carats and located in Africa. Part of that diamond resides in the British Royal Scepter which is located in London.

Fact 9 : Since diamonds can withstand extremely high temperatures and hardcore conditions, they are used in windows for deep space travel on spacecraft.

Fact 10 : Australia is the worlds largest producer of diamond in volume

I hope you learned a little bit more about the world's favorite gemstone. Diamonds are and always will be a very important factor in our everyday lives from gifts right down to technology.

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