Light Up Shoes Dos And Don’ts

Light up shoes are a great fashion trend for everyone. Whether you are a dancer or a sports fan the shoes will be perfect for you. For you to have a great experience with the shoes you need to consider a few dos and don’ts.

Light up shoe dos

Charge the shoes: You won’t enjoy the experience of LED shoes if they aren’t illuminating. Before you head out, first ensure that you charge them. According to the manufacturers when you charge the shoes for 3 hours they will last for 6-9 hours. For them to charge fast thus saving you time, you should switch them off.

Wear them at the right place: While the shoes are great, they aren’t designed to be worn everywhere. Some of the places where you can wear them include: party, sports arena, concert, and dancing competition. To avoid weird looks avoid wearing them to a job interview, wedding, or funeral. You should also avoid wearing them when going through airport security.

Wear the right fit: To enjoy the experience of the shoes you should ensure that they are a right fit. When in the stores buying, always wear the shoes for some time. If you are in-between shoe sizes, you should avoid sizing down. According to experts, you are better off sizing up.

Be on the lookout for new styles: Manufacturers are always coming up with new shoe styles. If you love LED shoes, you should regularly visit your local stores and see what they have in stock.

Switch things up: Most of the shoes come with over 7 color changing options. To make your shoes interesting and give them a new look you should play around with the colors. The best way of going about it is to change the colors depending on your mood or the outfit that you are wearing.

Light up shoe don’ts

Don’t expose them to a lot of water: The shoes have a wiring system that can be damaged by water. To protect them you should avoid them from getting into contact with water. This calls for you to avoid walking in them in rain. You should also avoid wearing them to the swimming pool or water ride.

Don’t leave them in a hot car: In addition to water, heat has also been shown to greatly affect the shoes. Heat has been shown to damage the batteries putting the shoe at the risk of exploding. To protect your shoes you should avoid exposing them to a lot of heat. This calls for you to avoid leaving them in a hot car. You should also avoid leaving them near fireplaces and ovens.

Don’t put them in the washing machine: The washing machine not only exposes the shoes to a lot of water, it also tends to damage the exterior of the shoe. To be on the safe side you should avoid putting the shoes in the washing machine. The best way of cleaning the shoes is using warm water, mild soap, and a damp washcloth.


These are the LED shoes dos and don’ts that you need to know about. To have a great experience you should always buy the shoes from a reputable store.

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Fashion Industry and Women

Women are the main targets when it comes to fashion and fashion designing. Yes, women love to have the best of all in whatever they wear from clothes, shoes, hats, jewelry and all other accessories. Most fashion designers target women to a large extent, but of course men too are getting into the limelight with the ever growing need for fashion among men as well.

The latest types of material used in designing clothes include leather and different types of fabric. With leather clothing is not restricted only to jackets but it has travelled beyond into leggings, skirts and dresses, pants, cloaks, boots, capes and even hair accessories like bandeaus. Leather in the fashion industry has found the best place with ladies choosing leather as their contemporary style of fashion.

Apart from leather the various fabric textures used in fashion designing are numerous. To suit the style and taste of various women much creativity is essential to obtain the best results. Women want to gain much attention, especially from the opposite sex and hence the hottest clothes like see through clothing using sheer fabrics with a mixture of delicate and creative designs are what they are after.

Tube dresses, off-shoulder dresses and strap dresses are the latest trends in the fashion industry that draw the attention of most women like a dragnet into the contemporary world of fashion. Women attending fashion shows would love to be seen in their beautiful attire showing off a part of their body, gaining the attention of the judges and the rest of the crowd.

Fashion industry has done much justice to women in designing their clothes and foot wear and their jewelry and accessories as well. A lady with an off-shoulder dress would love to show off her symmetric shoulders tapering down into a well shaped skirt setting the fashion of the international ramps.

There are quite a few stubborn and asymmetric parts in a woman’s body that she would love to hide. For instance she may have a perfect body structure with a bit of fat thighs or an extremely big bottom that needs to be concealed. These problems could be solved instantly with a little black dress that does the job; setting the trend in the fashion world and making her feel comfortable.

Enough of ramping up with your beautiful clothes and accessories, let’s try something special, let’s do some swim suit shopping for that beautiful woman you are. The fashion industry has left no stone unturned in the world of a woman, especially with regard to fashionable swimwear. Women feel extremely comfortable in their two piece bikinis or a full piece with a g-string to expose the most beautiful body of a woman.

Women do enjoy being noticed all the time though they do not express it openly. Leading fashion designers in the fashion industry have a good understanding of what a woman would want and this is exactly what they produce to bring out the beautiful looks of a woman. Women and fashion are inseparable!

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Fashion – Progression in Recession

As the recession looms and the consumer-led economic revolution of the last decade finally fizzles out, even the most glamorous and wealthy of fashionistas must be checking their bank statements a little more regularly these days. The fact is that over the last year or so the world’s high street sales figures have shown a marked drop, and they don’t seem to be slowing up either. The gravity of the economic downturn is starting to take hold.

The retailers are nervous, the consumers are cautious, the heavily-funded corporate brands are slashing their prices and their advertising budgets, in a vain attempt to stem the exodus of major shareholders. Amongst the chaos, and currently at the bottom of the heap of the “whose who’s”, are a whole new generation of creative designers stepping up to the mark, and even chomping at the bit for a taste of success.

Ironically a prolonged period of profit and gain can be damaging for any industry, creatively speaking of course. The more money an idea makes, the less inclined a designer is to branch out and experiment with new ones. History shows how important the contribution the artistic community makes towards economic recovery. It could be said that the one commodity that does not lose its value, no matter how low the dollar or high the price of oil, and that it the value of originality.

I spent my youth in the eighties and throughout my late teens and early twenties, I and almost everyone I knew would stretch their measly student budgets by scouring the charity shops for bargains. By mixing and matching styles from different eras, and occasionally, with a few minor alterations, we were ready for another night out. I was “green” before most people had heard of “Global Warming” and I didn’t even realize it. What is described as “eco-friendly” now could just as easily have been described as thrifty back then. Besides, making the most of the resources around you is a necessity for many parts of the world. For those who have plenty, there are lessons to be learned from the Third World, the past, and even the logical leaps that new designers will make in the next few years.

T-shirt designers are a great example of fashion designers who can “buck the trend” and ride the economic beast through the worst of times. T-shirt design is one of the most competitive, if not the most competitive industries in fashion, the reasons are plain and simple for all to see.

Cost. The cost of materials, the cost of labor, the cost of production, design, advertising. It makes it an attractive, and more importantly, an economically viable entry point into the industry for any aspiring fashion designer. For less than a thousand dollars, someone with an eye for a second-hand bargain could easily set up their own studio tomorrow. The point being that anyone who thinks they can design t-shirts, (no matter if they can or not), can, with very little budget, take on the world of fashion.

This may seem a little far-fetched, however you just have to look at the numbers of t-shirts for sale at any of the popular t-shirt printing sites online these days. Millions, yes literally millions of designs on offer to the public. It has to be said that most of them are awful, however society, and more precisely the Internet has worked out the perfect way to choose their new designer gurus of style and taste.

Popularity. Back in the eighties you’d swap tips with friends, read magazines, copy the ensemble you saw someone wearing in the street, hence the name “street fashion”. It’s the same today, however the process has sped up significantly, with the right taste in clothes, an avid fashion shopper, let alone a designer, can become famous in a matter of weeks.

If social networking is manna from the heavens as far as the fashion consumer is concerned, for the high street brands it is slowly turning into a nightmare. The freedom of choice is an exhilarating experience for any consumer, but for the style obsessed it is an essential part of the experience. Major brands have gained their reputation over generations, new and relatively unknown designers will begin to compete within a matter of a few years.

Comparing the fashion and music industries for a moment, both intensively marketed through a groundswell of public opinion, before being recognized by the established and most respected “experts” in the industry. However the last couple of years have sent a shudder down the spine of every corporate music executive across the globe. Why? Because public opinion, without the filter of statistical surveys and glossy marketing campaigns, has begun to run riot. The Arctic Monkeys are one example of a band that “the people” made famous, not the music industry, not the A&R men, not the advertising agencies, and not even the DJ’s of numerous local radio stations around the world. All it took was a few hundred thousand friends.

If people like something, they tell their friends, and they tell theirs and so on. The difference now is that it is immediate, and on a vast scale. A popular fashion blogger may have thousands of friends and colleagues in their network, if they like something, you can bet your bottom dollar that a few hundred will be buying it in the near future. These “style renegades”, surviving outside of the traditional circle of influence, but right inside where it counts when it comes to the forefront of “what’s hot next”, are the nemeses of the fashion magazine publishers. If they can’t employ them they’ll have to discredit them. It is common practice for disreputable companies to spam blogs and forums, attacking their competitors and praising their own products. It will no doubt become common practice for all brands to use subversive tactics to undermine their own commercial enemies. A sign that the creative pot is running dry, and that those at the top of the chain may soon be up for the chop.

Corporations have a hard time changing their image, they are slow and lumbering beasts. The independent designer is sleek and lithe in comparison, they will take more risks, both creatively and economically. They are far more prepared to offer a highly personalized service, because in truth they won’t be able to match major brands on price, for now. With the rising cost of oil, cotton, transportation, electricity, and so many other essential resources for any big business to function, it may not be long before the independent producer (of just about anything) will be able to compete on price to a local market at the very least.

Fashion, design, and the arts in general will always excel within an economic recession. It is human nature to make the most of what you have, when that is all you have, the less comfortable the life the more one must rely on one’s wits to survive. If one has an advantage in their field, an economic lull, a downturn is the best time to risk a little “market inspiration”. Infiltrating a mindset of boredom and apathy is ironically far easier than persuading one of ambition and security. If people think they are successful or want to be, they copy the habits of the rich and successful. When the rich and successful begin to have troubles of their own, its time to take a look in the mirror, and even turn that mirror on the world. No one will escape the recession, however it will be fascinating to see those who survive and even thrive in the fashion market. Stars will be born, they’ll just have to wait for the official welcome, whilst the global corporate brands tend to their wounds and their pride for a while.

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A Brief History of Gucci

1869 Guccio Gucci was born in Florence

1906 Guccio Gucci started a small saddler shop in Florence

1920 Guccio Gucci opened the first Gucci watch shop in Florence

1921 The First Gucci boutique was opened in Florence. Gucci Label was officially founded

1923 The first Gucci boutique in Rome was opened. Gucci started to expand outside Florence

1947 Gucci launched the first handbags collection featuring the bamboo handle and red striped webbing

1953 The first Gucci flagship store in New York was opened on Fifth Avenue

        Guccio Gucci Died

1960 The iconic GG logo was created with the combination of Guccio Gucci’s initials

1965 Gucci opened another store at 699 Fifth Avenue

1966 Gucci presented the Flora silk scarf which is favored by Grace Kelly

1967 Gucci presented Jackie O shoulder bag, made well-known by Jackie Kennedy

1968 Gucci opened stores in Hong Kong and Tokyo, starting expansion on Far East.

1979 Aldo Gucci developed the Gucci Accessories Collection and saved company from the danger of bankruptcy

1983 Rodolfo Gucci died which caused a huge shakeup on the company

        Paolo Gucci proposed a cheaper version of the brand called ‘Gucci Plus’

1984 Domenico De Sole joined Gucci America Inc.

1989 Investcorp acquired 50 percent of Gucci while Maurizio Gucci retains the other half and runs the company

        Dawn Mello, the former president of Bergdorf Goodman, moves to Milan as creative director

1990 Aldo Gucci died

1990 Tom Ford moved to Milan from New York to join Gucci as the company’s women’s wear designer.

1993 Maurizio Gucci sold his shares to Investcorp and leaves the company for good.

1994 Tom Ford was appointed as creative director

        De Sole was appointed as chief operating officer

1995 Gucci went public had its first initial public offering on the AMEX and NYSE

        Madonna dressed head-to-toe Gucci at the MTV Video Music Awards.

        De Sole became chairman of the board and chief executive officer of Gucci Group N.V.

1996 Tom Ford won the CFDA Award for international designer of the year

1997 Gucci acquired a watch licensee, Severin-Montres, and renamed it Gucci Timepieces

1999 Gucci made alliance with to fashion conglomerate Pinault-Printemps-Redoute to fight against an acquisition by fashion conglomerate LVMH

        Gucci acquired Yves Saint Laurent and Sanofi Beautè and a controlling stake in Sergio Rossi.

        Tom Ford became creative director of Yves Saint Laurent ready-to-wear

2000 Gucci acquired 51 percent of Alexander McQueen and Bedat & Co

       Gucci acquires luxury watch producer Boucheron

2001 Gucci acquired a majority stake in Bottega Veneta, 50 percent of Stella McCartney and all of Balenciaga. 

        Gucci ended three-year litigation with LVMH. Pinault-Printemps-Redoute sold all shares on Gucci as agreement. Gucci share price reduced to $85.52 per share

2003 Gucci announced it wouldn’t renew the contracts of Tom Ford and De sole

2004 Alessandra Facchinetti, Frida Giannini and John Ray were appointed as creative director of Gucci

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How High Should You Hang Tiffany Style Hanging Lamps?

Tiffany style hanging lamps are a beautiful and unique accessory that can be added to most decors. This brightly colored, whimsical style has stood the test of time. Hanging lamps have become a mainstay because they are versatile. You can use them in situations where you could not use a floor standing or table top lap. However, the question that many people have when working with Tiffany style lamps that hang are a matter of what the height requirements may be.

You have probably seen Tiffany style hanging lamps in your favorite restaurant. This is because the lampshade itself makes for a more relaxing, calming effect owing to the semi-translucence of the multicolored glass. They are also quite easy to tie into most any sort of décor, and fit well with many different themes. Making use of one in your home is also easy, and can add a touch of flair and creativity to the look of your room.

Hanging lamps are suspended from the center of an area. For instance, if you are installing a lamp that hangs over a kitchen island, it would be located on the ceiling, centered by the measurements of the island’s table top, below. Determining the right height for hanging lamps is fairly easy, as well. Each hanging lamp should be hung roughly 28-34 inches above the surface beneath it, when suspending above a table, counter, or island. From the base of the lampshade to the table, ensure that the distance is in that measurement.

That is simply a rule of thumb, though. Other factors which might influence how high to hang a lamp will depend on the size of the lamp versus the size of the table. Working with square tables, it is easy to center the lamp, measure the distance and hang your lamp appropriately. However with things like a rectangular table where you would need more than one lamp, or a smaller table- you might consider hanging the lamp a little lower. This creates a more calming effect, but only when the brightness of the bulb is not overbearing. For dining tables, lamps can be placed higher, but not so high as to create an awkward effect on the space.

With Tiffany style hanging lamps, sometimes it’s best to take a step back. Have someone with you hold the lamp at the various heights you are considering. Move across the room as though you are just entering it and pay attention to which height looks best for your space. That perception will enable you to hang the lamp at a distance that looks best for the room and its furnishings. If you don’t feel that you have a good idea about how high to hang the lamp, yourself, have that other person be the one that enters the room to look at the different heights. Though there are general guidelines to Tiffany style hanging lamps, this is usually the best way to determine height.

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The Different Types of Bags and Their Functions

Men and women need bags to hold and secure their belongings. These items also effectively add appeal to their getup. In fact, there are so many types of bags to choose from. They range from the simplest plastic carriers to the most sophisticated laptop bags. The types of bags you own reflect your personality and lifestyle. They also depend on your needs. Nevertheless, it is important to take note that branding is not really necessary when it comes to these items. You can spend a lot of money on a designer handbag and still do not become satisfied. Conversely, you can shed out a few dollars for a simple tote that is as durable as an expensive one.

Big handbags are among the types of bags that many women want to own. They are very popular and can carry a lot of stuff. However, most health practitioners warn that carrying these bulky items may cause pressure to build on the back. So, if you prioritize your health over fashion, it is better if you will just use your big handbag when you really need it. Avoid using it everyday. Better yet, do not attempt to own one. Baby backpacks are also well-known. However, instead of carrying personal items, these types of bags carry babies. Hence, they are ideal for mothers who need to bring their babies with them whenever they travel or go shopping.

Then, there are also laptop bags. Well, these types of bags are just as fashionable as regular handbags. Obviously, they are only intended for laptops. However, they do not just come in black. They come in assorted colors that both men and women will love. They are also available in fun and cool patterns to suit different lifestyles and personalities. On the other hand, classic handbags are the types of bags that every woman should have. They are sturdy and durable. They are also roomy yet not oversized. They are the perfect things to carry around the office or when going out to lunch. They efficiently carry basic essentials such as cell phone, money, credit cards, keys, and make-up. Usually, these bags have shoulder straps or hand straps.

Furthermore, backpacks are the types of bags that anyone can have. They are classic pieces that can be used by men, women, teenagers, and even children. Of course, their styles and designs vary for every gender and age. Nonetheless, these pieces are all the same. They are bags that have double handles. They are supported by the shoulders and they lie across the back. There are also messenger bags. Well, these types of bags have long single straps that can be worn across the body. They are usually water-resistant and durable.

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The Truth About Artistry Creme Luxury

Are you an Amway IBO seeking to understand what’s unique about Amway’s Artistry Creme Luxury so you can sell it properly?

Are you a consumer who needs to know if Amway’s Artistry Creme Luxury really works and if it’s worth your money?

Amway’s Artistry Creme Luxury is expensive and may only be for the elite. There’s no point denying that. So it’s wise for you to do some research first before you actually purchasing it. There’s a lot of useful informative information on the internet regarding this revolutionary product from Amway. I consolidated these information in this article for you. I hope this will help you make an informed decision about this product.

We all know that Artistry Creme Luxury achieved the HBA International Package Design Awards (IPDA) in the Skin Care Prestige category. But the main concern is.. does it work??? And if it does work? How???

Amway’s Artistry Creme Luxury is an anti ageing cream which provides the key to reversing the visible signs of ageing caused by environmental stress through its unique “CellEffect” approach. You will experience outstanding hydration, enhanced elasticity, definitive smoothness, and dimished fine lines. In short, a younger looking and feeling YOU.

It’s the first product on the market to contain Cardiolipin, a rare and unique lipid that helps generate cosmetic skin renewal. 30 times more expensive than gold, Cardiolipin is the most expensive ingredient ever used in an Amway ARTISTRY product. This is why it costs so much.

The key ingredients of the CellEffect approach are Cardiolipin, L-carnosine, Spinach Extract, and Roxisomes. It utilizes a unique 4-phase approach to increase skin energy and help visibly repair damaged skin.

Amway’s Artistry Creme Luxury is designed for use day and night, and will last for almost 2 months. With continued use, your skin will literally appear to perform the way it did when you were younger – increased firmness and elasticity.

Beauty Heaven did a detailed review of Artistry Creme Luxury which may help you understand what you can really expect from this product. Here’s an excerpt…

“… It does feel amazing on my skin. It’s rich but not heavy or greasy and has lasting hydration. It’s one of those creams, the more you use, the more your skin will see results. I wake up in the morning and my skin is glowing and looking more radiant. The main area in which I’ve noticed significant improvement is on my forehead. In the last year or so it has been looking really dry and no matter what cream I use it still seems to look on the dry side yet this cream and shown a significant improvement. Everywhere else on my face I’ve noticed a smoothing effect but I can still see fine lines. I guess for the price I was expecting a miracle in a jar. I can’t compare it to injectables but if the results are similar then I’d choose this cream over the needle….”

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Wine Tours – Cincinnati’s Wine Scene

Have you ever been to Cincinnati?  If so, hopefully this travelogue brings back a lot of fond memories and tempts you for a return visit.  If not, let’s see if we can entice you!  Nestled along the Ohio River in the southwest corner of Ohio, Cincinnati is a diverse energetic city complete with unique geographical features and a burgeoning wine culture.

But before we help you discover all that’s great about Cincinnati, let’s take a higher level view.  Ohio, the Buckeye State, has long been part of America’s wine culture.  In fact, we were interested to learn that Ohio has numerous micro climates, with grapes grown all over the state.

Ohio Wines

Ohio is much like many other north central states.  It’s a cool climate state, and the positive effects on grape crops is notable.  There are five separate wine appelations in Ohio, producing a wide variety of interesting and award winning wines.

Known as a wine producing state since the mid 1800’s, Ohio now boasts over 80 wineries.  We’ve had the pleasure to sample wines from several Ohio wineries, and have noticed the wines tend to be crisp, fruity, and tangy.  While we lean toward Ohio white wines, it’s merely a personal preference and not intended as a slight to Ohio winemakers many fine red offerings.

You’ll find many grape and wine varieties in Ohio.  Some of the more commonly grown grapes are Riesling, Cabernet France, Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, and Catawba.  No matter what part of the state you visit, you’ll find dedicated winemakers producing wines in every style imaginable.

The Queen City

Ever since we discovered Cincinnati almost 30 years ago, we’ve  kept coming back for more.  Maybe because it’s a city of unique local specialties, like Cincinnati chili and charming, vibrant neighborhoods.  Maybe because it’s a gateway city to the South, with Kentucky’s rolling hills beckoning just across the Ohio River.  Or maybe it’s because Cincinnati is a compact, friendly city that blends urban sophistication with an open, honest vibe that’s prevalent among Cincinnatians.

If you drive into Cincinnati, the first thing you’ll notice is the hilly terrain.  Cincinnati is actually built on seven hills, each with a distinct name, like Mt. Healthy and Mt. Adams.  You’ll descend from these hills off Interstates I-74 or I-71 as you make your way into the city’s heart.

An Insider’s Tour Of Cincinnati

No matter your sightseeing preferences, there’s plenty to do in Cincinnati.  Most of the attractions are unique to this city and give you a glimpse into why Cincinnati holds such an allure to visitors.  The weather was beautiful when we arrived, so we made our way to 5th and Vine downtown, the site of Cincinnati’s tallest building, the Carew Tower.

An Art Deco treasure, the Carew Tower houses offices, shops, and an outdoor observation deck affording panoramic views.  This is the best way to get a handle on Cincinnati’s unique topography.  To the south, you’ll see the Ohio River and northern Kentucky.  To the north and east sit Cincinnati’s seven hills.  To the west, you’ll see the river valleys of western Ohio and southeastern Indiana, home to many vineyards and wineries.  More on that later.

After experiencing the fresh air and striking views atop the Carew Tower, it was time to reaquaint ourselves with a Cincinnati culinary tradition – 5 way chili.

Local Delicacies Abound

Cincinnati is a foodie town, with numerous local restaurants and small local specialty chains.  Whether your tastes lean toward German, steaks, or ice cream, you’ll find a perfect fit here.  Nothing quite defines Cincinnati like chili, though.  It’s a continuous subject for debate and a tremendous source of community pride.  Not wanting to play favorites, we made a quick stop at a location for each of the two predominant chili parlors – Gold Star and Skyline.

Wherever you turn, you won’t be far from a Gold Star or Skyline outlet.  There are over 170 chili parlors in and around the city, serving up plates of 5-way chili and Coney Dogs.  5-way Cincinnati chili consists of meat, beans, cheese, onion, and spaghetti.  You haven’t lived until you’ve tried it!  We detect allspice, cumin, cocoa powder, and cinnamon.  We love both Skyline and Gold Star, but by all means, make the judgement for yourself!

 Cincinnati’s downtown is perfect for a stroll, so we walked off our chili fix in and around Fountain Square, the centerpiece of the city.  This city square is home to lunchtime music concerts and all sorts of shopping and dining destinations.  Of particular note, there’s an outlet of Graeter’s Ice Cream on the Square.  Graeter’s is as much a part of the Cincinnati culinary scene as 5-way chili, so if you’re craving a delicious inexpensive dessert, Graeter’s fits the bill.

Southwest Ohio Wine

After a relaxing one hour river cruise on the Ohio River, it was time to visit the first of four wineries in this immediate area.  First stop was a long time favorite, Henke Winery on Harrison Avenue, in the midst of residential Cincinnati.

Every time we’re in Cincinnati, Henke Winery is a must stop.  It’s a unique destination, kind of an urban oasis and a combination winery/restaurant/live music venue.  We’ve been here for dinner before, and if you visit during the week, the winery is only open after 5 p.m.

We stopped here on a late afternoon Friday and enjoyed some wine tasting during happy hour.  Henke usually offers about 15 wines,  so we settled in for a few tastes.               

First was the Riesling, a good value at $12 a bottle.  As we mentioned before, we’ve always been partial to Ohio whites.  Henke’s Riesling is just as we remembered – crisp and fruity, with a perfect balance between the two.  We tasted pear and maybe a bit of apricot in the middle and finish. 

Next, we ventured into a few lighter red selections.  The Cellar Blush and Cin Zin (loved that name) were easy drinkers and an ideal companion for the patio or deck.  Particularly interesting was the Vendage A Trois, a combination of Cabernet Sauvignon, Franc, and Merlot.  Bold and full flavored, it’s a perfect example of Ohio winemakers creativity.

Cincinnati’s Evening Scene

After leaving Henke, it was time to begin our evening in Cincinnati, always a treat for us and we’d imagine for thousands of others.  Recently, Esquire Magazine named Cincinnati as one of the “Top 10 Cities That Rock”, using the broadest sense of the word.  There’s an energy in Cincinnati, a friendliness extending to visitors and locals alike.  Eagerly, we set out for a few personal favorites, up the hill in lively, funky Mt. Adams.

Mt. Adams is actually a neighborhood.  It’s up a steep hill and overlooks downtown Cincinnati, and the views are addicting.  Years ago it was a bit tricky to find the way, but signage is now well marked and plentiful.  Parking is much easier as well, with the addition of a city parking deck that nicely blends into the unique bohemian charm and early 20th century architecture.

So Many Places, So Little Time

For us, the hardest part of visiting Mt. Adams again is finding the time to stop in all our favorites.  It’s a long list!

Our home away from home kicked off the evening.  It’s very much a locals place, and truly a hidden gem … the City View Tavern.  I first visited in 1991 on a baseball trip with my father, uncle, and cousin.  Seventeen years later, my cousin still talks it up!

City View Tavern is a small place, and quite non descript.  It’s located on Oregon Street, a residential side street away from the heart of Mt. Adams.  MapQuest it so you find your way.  When you arrive, you’ll walk through a dark corridor of sorts that leads to the small bar/grill area. 

Once there, you’ll notice two things.  First is the aroma of hefty burgers and a specialty Cincinnati sausage cooking on the grill.  Second is the outdoor deck, with a commanding view of downtown Cincinnati and the Ohio River below.  We spent the first part of our evening here, enjoying local Barrelhouse Brewing Co. beer, a burger, and a mettwurst, kind of a smokey spiced sausage that seems indiginous to Cincinnati.  If you want a true taste of real Cincinnati, don’t miss the City View Tavern! 

Mt. Adams Nightlife

From the City View, it was a slightly strenuous but pleasing walk uphill to the center of Mt. Adams.  This is an area you’ll want to stroll, shop, and enjoy the evening, even into the wee hours if you dare.  

Truth be told, you can’t go wrong wherever you pop in.  The establishments are vibrant and lively, and there’s something for everyone.  For acoustic live music on a 4 seasons patio, opt for the Blind Lemon, a treasure for over 40 years.  Right next door on Hatch Street is the Mt. Adams Bar and Grill, whose name says it all.  It’s an excellent choice for casual dinner or just appetizers and drinks.  Then, there’s the Longworth Pavillion, a night spot with rambling outdoor decks, all affording a great view of the city below.

Winery Hopping

After a nightcap at the Hofbrauhaus (see Recommendations) near our hotel, we settled in for the night, with a full day of sightseeing and winery hopping ahead.

There are so many things to do in Cincinnati, and agenda planning is a breeze.  On this visit, we enjoyed the Cincinnati Zoo (to see the fantastic white Bengal tigers), Krohn Conservatory, Newport Aquarium, and the home of William Howard Taft, our 27th President.  Cincinnati and the surrounding area are compact enough, so navigating between activities is a breeze.

We began the day with breakfast at Camp Washinton Chili, a newly remodeled Cincinnati mainstay serving marvelous inexpensive breakfasts and of course, 5 way chili.  Yes, I will admit I had Cincinnati chili for breakfast!

After enjoying the Cincinnati Zoo and Krohn Conservatory, we headed out to visit two Cincinnati area wineries – Meier’s Wine Cellars and Vinoklet Winery.

Meier’s Wine Cellars and Vinoklet Winery

Just a few minutes north of downtown sits Ohio’s oldest and largest winery, Meier’s Wine Cellars.  Many years ago, Meier’s was our introduction to Ohio wine.  Meier’s produces a full range of wines, from dessert wine, champagne, sparkling wine, and everything in between.  We settled in at the large tasting bar to reacquaint ourselves.

Our first choice was the Walleye White, a pleasant, fruity blend of three white wines.  It works well with, what else, fish.  Also recommended is the Sauternes, slightly sweet and full of fruit.

When you’re at Meier’s Wine Cellars, be sure to taste and take home some of their juice.  These non-alcoholic selections are ideal for summer time, specifically to try your hand at creating a sangria. If you can’t make it to the winery, you can find Meier’s wine at most wine/liquor outlets in Ohio.

From here, it was off to Vinoklet Winery on the north edge of the city.  The winery is situated among rolling hills, and in addition to tasting Vinoklet’s wines, you can stay for dinner in their restaurant.  We arrived late afternoon, ready to taste.

Vinoklet’s wines have won awards at several prominent wine competitions, including the Indy International and the Finger Lakes International.  Try the spicy Traminette, and Dreamer, a pleasantly drinkable semi dry white.  It was a real joy to be here, with the beautiful grounds and tasting room offering views of the surrounding area.  And if you can make it for dinner, all the better … the menu is tantalizing!

With dinner time looming, we headed back downtown for happy hour at the Montgomery Inn Boathouse, a well known restaurant famous for ribs.  The bar overlooks the Ohio River and is a convivial spot to mingle with locals.

From there, it was time for dinner at the oldest restaurant/bar in Cincinnati, Arnold’s Bar and Grill. Open since 1861, Arnold’s has an old saloon feel, and you’re comfortable just as soon as you enter the well worn front door.  If the weather is nice, have lunch or dinner in the courtyard, or stop by later in the evening for live music, never a cover charge.

Dinner is a real bargain at Arnold’s.  Everything is homemade, and the daily specials are fresh and delicious.  We started with roasted garlic, a bulb sauteed in olive oil and served with olives and pita bread.  For our entrees, we chose a tasty eggplant marinara and a grilled Greek style chicken breast sandwich, dressed with bacon and feta cheese.  When you visit, make sure to see the bathtub in the upstairs seating area … rumor has it the bathtub was used to make gin during Prohibition.

Cincinnati’s Micro Distillery

The next morning started with a stop at the Findlay Market, Cincinnati’s year around public market.  Operating since 1852, Findlay Market is where Cincinnati restaurateurs shop, as well as the general public.  Here you’ll find meat markets, cheese shops, spice stores, bakeries, and all sorts of places to have a bite to eat for breakfast or lunch.  It’s a quintessential urban shopping experience, with over two dozen indoor vendors and many more outdoor vendors in the warmer months.

After a visit to the spectacular Newport Aquarium just over the river in Kentucky, we visited Woodstone Creek Winery and Distillery, just outside downtown Cincinnati.  Woodstone Creek is Ohio’s only micro distillery and produces numerous specialty wines and small batch spirits.

Woodstone Creek is a fascinating place to visit.  Not only will you enjoy the tasting room, but there’s also an on premise art gallery.  You can shop here for handmade jewelry either before or after sampling at the classic mahogany bar.

Starting with wines, we enjoyed the Vidal Blanc, an Indy International Wine Fest medal winner.  It’s a semi dry, nicely balanced offering that pairs well with snacks or finger food.  We loved the Laureate, a rich red port, and the fun Eden, an apple dessert wine.

Although we didn’t sample, Woodstone Creek also produces an interesting array of small batch liqours like vodka, rum, and  bourbon.  We bought a bottle of the rum and bourbon and our only regret is we didn’t buy more!  This is a place that’s enjoyable for everyone, whether you imbibe or not.  Only open on Saturdays at this writing, Woodstone Creek is a lot of fun, and you’re sure to strike up a friendly conversation or even develop a new friendship.  Don’t miss Woodstone Creek on your next visit to Cincinnati.

Final Thoughts

In a way, we almost hesitate to sing the praises of Cincinnati and its special local places.  But it’d be selfish to keep it to ourselves, now wouldn’t it?  Having been here many times through the years, we feel as if we’re evangelists for Cincinnati.  The east/central location makes it readily accessible to much of the country, and if you drive, there are numerous wineries along the way, no matter what direction your origin.

Ohio is a terrific, underrated state for wine.  Cincinnati and the southwestern part of the state are just one of many wine trails to explore for wine travel lovers.  We’ll be back to Ohio in the near future, and we’ll look forward to sharing our wine and travel discoveries with you.

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Schnell, zuverlässig und kompetent

Source by Jim Hofman

Convert Any Table Into A Table Tennis Table With A Table Tennis Conversion Top

When it comes to providing convenience regarding your home entertainment, versatility and space-saving options really make the most of your environment. Often, large gaming items, such as pool tables, shuffleboard or table tennis equipment can be placed in a separate game room, basement setting or large garage. To obtain all of the above and still have enough room to move around or store other items, conversion tops are a rather helpful investment to consider.

On the market, there are plenty of table tennis conversion tops that are created to fit an array of different pool table sizes. This product is great for someone who already owns a pool table or is looking to save money and space regarding future purchases. Basically, a table tennis conversion top utilizes the frame and body of a pool table so individuals may enjoy the convenience of playing the game at the drop of a hat.

A table tennis conversion top often fastens to a pool table with the use of top mounting brackets that holds both surfaces together in a firm manner. Since individuals purchase conversion tops that correspond to the size of their pool table, the fit will remove the fear of pocket interference. Below, you will find a few benefits that come with the purchase of a table tennis conversion top:

Easy Installation

The playing surface of a table tennis conversion top is designed to conveniently match the playing surface of the pool table in your home. All you need to know is the playing field measurements. A 3 1/2′ x 7′ table offers a playing field of 39″ x 78″, while a 4′ x 8′ table provides 44″ x 88″ of playing space. Commercial 4′ x 8′ tables include a playing field of 46″ x 92″ while regulation play (50″ x 100″) is found on a 4 1/2′ x 9′ table.

Added Value

When purchasing a conversion top for table tennis play, the value received is quite an advantage as you save money from purchasing an entire ping-pong apparatus for your home. When not used for play, the tabletop may serve as a sturdy counter for studying, eating and other hobbies.

Space Saving

Instead of having two separate gaming tables, pool and table tennis, you can save space by purchasing one large table and a conversion top that easily stores on top of your pool table when not in use.

Protective Covering

One of the biggest threats that a home pool table faces involves the appearance of the surface, which has a tendency to attract food crumbs and spilled beverages. With the purchase of a table tennis conversion top, you will not only expand your entertainment capabilities, but also have a convenient protective covering to increase the life of your pool table surface.

Table Tennis Conversion Top Example

An example of a table tennis conversion top includes the ultra-versatile Switch-Top model, which can transform a pool table into both a table tennis arena and hockey center. This type of tabletop package will include a net, two posts, hockey pucks and hockey handles. Ping-pong paddles and balls are often purchased separately or offered through different sets.

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Makler Heidelberg

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Going Green With Promotional Products – An Earth-Friendly Trend

Promotional products are no doubt used on quite a regular and sometimes excessive basis in terms of their production, distribution and overall quantities. And naturally, most of these items are selected with one narrow-minded, business-driven goal in mind – gaining wide exposure to lift a business’s status higher, and their success, soaring. And this popular pursuit of gaining and continuing elevated statuses through promo products is the standard.

What’s not standardized is unconventionality; items selected and given at trade shows are usually pinpointed with a mundane mindset, unless unorthodox minds are dealing with selection processes. But, of all, one this is certain about selection considerations. When most individuals are selecting promotional items for a trade show, the last concern that comes to mind is the notion of saving the earth, of being eco-friendly, or oddly enough, being that envious color, green.

Green Horizons For Promotional Decisions

Promotional products are usually run-of-the-mill, both in their composition and existence, but are also detrimental to the environment. Most are not, as mentioned, in that “gone green status.” Green promotional products are not visually distinctive through actual color, yet are categorized as “green” based on the materials used in their overall compositions. Green promotional items are ones made of earth-friendly and environmentally-conscious materials, or are specifically products veering off course from standardized not-so-earth-considerate methods, such as items utilizing heavy paper and/or plastic ingredients.

Currently, there is quite a green movement in the corporate and business realm as environmental concerns have become much more pronounced and publicly declared. An awareness is spreading and companies are taking advantage of this simply to further push the urgency of being more concerned and active in mending our wounded and polluted earth.

Making Promotional Items Green, An Easy Task

Taking a promotional item from standard to eco-friendly is not troublesome or difficult. Actually, it’s much easier than one would think, especially since the green movement is in full swing. This said, there are many options of well-designed and eco-friendly products for trade show purposes.

Eco-Friendly Promotional Options

The best thing to do as a distributer of promo items at a trade show is to not only provide eco-friendly giveaways, but also spur an instilled sense of continued environmental care though the products themselves. Saving trees by not using excessive amounts of paper and using non-plastic items are basics to start with and can easily be accomplished through correct promo item selection.

To save trees and spur continued consciousness for avoiding overuse of paper, why not give away USB flash drives and non-disposable drinkware? USB drives will cut down on already discouraging amounts of printing and will make information not only environmentally accommodating, but also compactly mobile and convenient. Make carrying information limited to a space the size of a thumb, rather than a bulky portfolio.

And by providing non-paper or plastic based cups, mugs and the like will cut down on individuals continually using and then discarding wasted drinkware items. Coffee mugs and sport bottles -made of polycarbonate materials- are great types of permanent and long-life drinkware items that can be considered to imprint and prolong a green way of thinking and doing.

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Makler Heidelberg

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