Critique of Candies Sandals and Shoes

Candies shoes are designed for the female teen and teen market – they’re young, cute and affordable. But, are they comfortable? Will they support your child’s foot? Will they last until your kid outgrows them? For a brief review of Candies shoe products, keep reading.

Price of Candies

Most parents can find Candies’ shoes from around $20 to $60, depending on where you buy them and the style purchased. Their light-duty shoes and sandals are typically priced lower than their boots and everyday-wear sneakers.

For children’s shoes, they’re slightly more expensive than other discount brands, but the prices are comparable to other similar items.

How Comfortable Are They?

Candies come both small and narrow. They’re designed for a young woman’s foot, meaning they’ll fit smaller and tighter than the same shoe designed for an older woman. If you have a wide foot, you may need to try another brand.

Remember, Candies are designed for style, not long-term comfort. They’re great for bopping around school or trips to the mall, but they’re not suitable for gym class or school field trips. These shoes are fashion statements, not work shoes.

Brand Durability and Quality

Because Candies are designed for kids, they’re made to be fairly durable. If your kids are older, you might find that they won’t last until your child outgrows them, but they will do the trick for about 4 to 8 months, depending on how often they’re worn.

Many parents complain that the brand’s lighter shoes (ballet flats, casual sneakers and sandals) simply don’t offer the quality and durability they’re looking for. However, their everyday wear models, like sneakers, tend to offer better durability and long-term quality.

If your child has her heart set on a pair of Candies, but you’re concerned about the quality, buy the shoes from a reputable retailer with a strong return policy. For example, Nordstrom’s will take back any pair of shoes within a reasonable amount of time if it fails to live up to basic quality standards.

Brand Fashion and Style

Given that Candies are marketed toward and designed for young women, the shoes are funky and cool, but also age appropriate. For a young woman, they’re perfect. You’ll see these shoes advertised and featured in popular youth magazines like Teen Beat, Teen People, Seventeen, YM and more.

These are not shoes for adult women, nor are they appropriate for the workplace. Essentially, they’re a great shoe for a younger woman. The company offers a range of styles, with new shoes coming out every season in keeping with ongoing trends in the youth market.


If you want a shoe that’s edgy, fun and age-appropriate, your daughter would likely love a pair of Candies shoes. On the other hand, if you are looking for a shoe that’s going to last the school year and properly support your daughter’s growing foot, you may want to look somewhere else.

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Source by Trevor R. Price

Sustainable Fashion – The Many Contradictions

In many ways the words sustainable and fashion don’t really sit together well. I have heard sustainable fashion described as both oxymoronic and a contradiction and perhaps this is true. Is it really possible for the fashion industry to become sustainable?

Part of the problem with the term sustainable fashion is that ‘fashion’ is often used to describe constantly changing trends and even associated with ‘fast fashion’, the term used to describe the low cost or affordable clothing that is quickly made to respond to the latest trend often being worn only once or twice before being discarded. The ethical and environmental implications of this type of clothing are well recognised with valuable resources being wasted and workers in the supply chain being mistreated to ensure low cost clothing that is quickly produced. Despite the many negative connotations that the word fashion may have, if you take it as more of a general word used to describe clothing, then it is almost possible to have sustainable fashion, although perhaps not completely because the manufacture of any clothing will have some impact on the environment even if relatively small.

With confusion even over the name of the product, it is not really surprising that most shoppers can’t be bothered with sustainable fashion and instead prefer just stick with the fashion brands that they know despite knowing that they often operate in unsustainable and unethical ways. But the contradiction over the name ‘sustainable fashion’ is only the beginning. There are so many other contradictions and plenty of confusion associated with it.

Take for example vegan fashion. Being vegan is generally considered to an ethical and sustainable way of living, not only reducing the suffering caused to animals in the farming system but reducing the carbon footprint and pollution caused by farming. It may therefore come as a shock to some that vegan fashion is not necessarily the most ethical and sustainable option. Vegan shoes may be made without the use of any animal products but that does not mean that they have been made in ethical factories or using sustainable materials in fact the synthetic materials used instead of leather are often damaging to the environment in their own way. If you want to be absolutely sure that your vegan shoes or handbags are completely ethical and sustainable, you will need to search for a brand that pays attention to all of these issues.

Next on the list of contradiction and confusion surrounding sustainable fashion is the concept of ethical fashion. Many ethical fashion brands support various good causes around the world and empower people to create a sustainable livelihood. However in order to support these great causes, it does involve buying clothes, perhaps clothes that we don’t really need or possibly are not made from sustainable fabrics. The more we buy, the more we help these great causes but also the more we consume. Collections labelled as sustainable may be made from eco-friendly fabrics but this is no guarantee that they have been manufactured in an ethical way. In this situation we are left with the difficult task of deciding what is most important in terms of sustainability economic and social or environmental. Ethical fashion is often made in countries far away; this is another contrast to the locally made fashion which is often considered to be more sustainable because of the environmental impact of its transportation. Second hand and vintage clothing again offer a dilemma, whilst they are probably the most sustainable option, they do little to alleviate poverty around the world, although in this case shopping in charity shops could be the answer to reducing both environmental impact and supporting a worthwhile cause.

The subject of sustainable fashion is a complex one and the confusion surrounding it is sometimes used by brands to green wash consumers by using the terms ‘eco’ and ‘sustainable’ to describe clothing or collections that may help in one way but not another. In order to combat scepticism and distrust of sustainable fashion, there needs to be a clear and easy to understand way of labelling and describing products. The word sustainable fashion is general enough to mean just about anything when used by clever marketers causing confusion amongst consumers. The term sustainable also just doesn’t really excite those looking to buy fashion.

There are however plenty of innovative fashion brands out there that are pioneering new ways of working in terms of ethics and sustainability; There just needs to be a way of communicating this to customers in a simple and easy to understand way.

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Source by Ceri Heathcote

How to Reuse Plastic Bags

Using reusable bags has caught on with grocery stores across the country, but many other types of businesses are slow to catch on. At some point or another, you’ll most likely be taking a plastic bag from some type of store. When you accumulate plastic bags, how can you reuse them?

Plastic bags became popular because they are a cheap, affordable way to bag groceries and goods. The bag could be thrown away after a single use. While it’s convenient in theory, disposable plastic bags have grave consequences for the environment. A single plastic bag will never disappear. Unlike other materials, plastic doesn’t biodegrade, it simply breaks apart into smaller pieces of plastic (which is actually far worse than larger pieces because they can’t be collected).

Plastic bags:

  • Never biodegrade.
  • Cause animals to suffocate and die.
  • Use fossil fuels to create them, increasing our dependence on foreign oil.
  • Are an eyesore and get caught on car antennas, mufflers, and twisted into engines

Plastic grocery bags can first of all be recycled. Many grocery stores will accept plastic bags to be recycled (usually you’ll find the receptacle near the entrance or near the can redemption center).

Recycling Plastic Bags vs. Reusing Plastic Bags

Recycling almost always uses more energy than reusing. By reusing, you’ll be giving the product a second life. When your recycle something, you’ll be using energy to turn that product into something else, which can use energy and produce emissions.

Five Reasons You Should Bring Your Own Bag

Plastic has a hugely negative effect on the environment, and also on our society. The cons far outweigh the positives of these disposable nuisances. Here are a few reasons you should consider switching to reusable bags instead of plastic:

  1. Bringing your own bag means you’ll be carrying less to and fro. Most reusable bags hold far more than traditional disposable bags. Less trips back and forth from the car!
  2. Each time you use your own bag, you’ll get a small credit back from grocery stores. It’s usually between 5 and 10 cents, which can add up over time.
  3. Using your own bag reduces our dependence on foreign oil. Plastic uses fossil fuels, which are largely found in countries that don’t have the best intentions Western World. Cast your vote for locally made reusable bags instead.
  4. You won’t have to worry about throwing away, recycling, or reusing your disposable bags. By reusing your own bags, you’ll have less clutter and less trash.
  5. You’ll be sending a green message to your children. When they see you using your own bags, they’ll take notice and want to do the same in their lives.
  6. If you’d like to reuse your plastic bags, they have hundreds of uses.
    Ways to Reuse Your Plastic Bags

    • One of the most popular ways to reuse plastic bags is to use them as a trash bag.
    • Place them in small trash barrels in the bathroom, bedrooms, cellar, and near the cat’s litter box.
    • Another popular use for them is to use them as doggy poop bags. If you’re going out for a walk, bring along a couple of these bags.

  7. You can also reuse plastic bags as packaging. If you’re shipping out an item on eBay or shipping something to a friend, the bags can act as a cushion, much like packing peanuts, if you use enough of them.
  8. Keep a plastic bag in your car to contain all of the trash that accumulates in your car. Then, simply tie off, throw away, and use another bag.
  9. Donate your plastic bags to a local thrift store or charity. These prevents them from having to buy brand new bags.
  10. Post an ad on Craigslist for your bags. A local business may want to use them (you can’t beat free!).
  11. Use your bag to contain messy foods and leftovers that might otherwise leave spills. This is especially useful with soups and liquids.
  12. Think of things that you traditionally would use plastic for and replace them with your grocery bags. If you usually put your lawn leaves in trash bags, save up your bigger shopping bags and put the leaves in there instead.
  13. Wrap a bag around bags of flour, sugar, and other messy baking ingredients. This can help contain the mess and make for an easier clean up.

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Source by Danielle Nihill

How to Make Homemade Wine With Grape Juice – AND Make it Taste Good!

So – you have just read an article on the internet about how to make wine out of grape juice and sugar. The article tells you to use a balloon and a milk jug and some yeast.

BUT – all of the articles leave out the one real secret to making wine with juice concentrate.

Acid Content

That’s right. The frozen grape juice concentrate you buy at store has about twice the acid content that grapes from vineyards have. If you make wine out of the juice, it will indeed be wine.

But it will taste just like grape juice – complete with pucker power. Yes, it will have alcohol in it, but again, it won’t taste anything like wine you are used to drinking. As noted above – it will taste like grape juice with a little kick and that’s about it.

So what to do about it? Simple: Neutralize the acid before you put the yeast in.

As I said before, there are hundreds of articles and recipes for making wine from frozen concentrate. I won’t go into that here. What I will show you is how to bring out the grape flavor without all that acid pucker pour taste.

Usually, there are about 7/10ths of a gram of acid content per liter of concentrated grape juice (after you have diluted it with water). Your goal is to get the acid content down by about 50%. In other words, you have to neutralize about half of the acid before you start fermenting the wine.

There are two easy, household ways to do this and they both work pretty good without buying any expensive chemicals.

The first is a simple, over the counter antacid. Any generic brand will do. What you are looking for is one that has no flavor and it’s only active ingredient is calcium carbonate. Calcium carbonate neutralizes acid (that’s why they call it an “antacid”).

You should add, as a rule of thumb, 500 milligrams per 1.3 liters. That’s about 3.5 Tenths of a gram per liter – enough to neutralize about half of the acid. While this is by no means accurate scientifically, it will get the job done. Just crush the tablets and throw them in your juice and mix it up.

The second easy to find chemical is sodium bicarbonate – baking soda.

Many wine experts recommend against this as it could add a salty taste to your wine but hey, we’re making wine from frozen concentrate right? I promise, you won’t taste it.

The measurement is a little more difficult here as baking soda comes in a box and most people don’t have any kind of measuring tool. Here’s a sweet little tip – just put 1 teaspoon per gallon and stir it up. It will neutralize enough of the acid to make a huge difference in taste by the time it’s in the bottle.

Now that you know a HUGE insider secret, go buy all the frozen concentrate at the store and get busy!

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Source by Mike Carraway

Electrical Safety Precautions When Using Table Lamps

There are so many uses for table lamps. They have been one of the most reliable sources of light. At the same time, they accentuate the room and highlight its focal points.

Nowadays, most table lamps are powered by electricity. This means that you need to plug them to an outlet in order for the electrical current to power them. This evolution has paved way for a safer lighting device and a more convenient source of light.

Despite the many advantages of lamps, you still cannot deny the fact that the use of electricity poses many risks. Therefore, no matter how advanced your table lamps are, you are still entitled to follow safety precautions when using them.

Safe Practices in Using Lamps

Table lamps pose a risk for electrical fires or faulty wiring. Anything that deals with electricity must be used with caution. Lamps are awesome devices, but you can never tell what is going to happen next. That is why anyone who owns them should take the necessary measures to prevent the occurrence of electrical fires.

Here are some safety procedures when using them:

o Do not plug the device in an overloaded socket.

o Make routine checks on its wiring. If there are bare parts, use electrical tapes to cover them up.

o As much as possible, keep easily combustible materials away from the device.

o If it starts to heat-up, make sure to let it cool down. Therefore, it is also important to turn it off when leaving the room.

o Do not leave the device plugged-in especially when it has no bulb. If you have kids, they might accidentally touch the socket of the bulb (even you can be a victim), which can result to electrocution.

o As much as possible do not hide the wiring of the table lamps under easily combustible materials like rugs, curtains and other forms of fabrics.

o Use the right socket for the lamp’s plug.

o Use the right bulbs with the right wattage to prevent overheating.

o Do avoid buying lamps with cheap materials. Study the features to determine if they are fire hazard.

o If you see the lamps are starting to emit electrical sparks, turn it off and avoid using them until repaired.

Be a responsible owner and do not just rely on product descriptions. Even if it is the highest quality lamp, you still have to use them with caution. Doing so will prevent accidents, injuries and most of all, losing your home.

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Source by Cody Scholberg

15 Mistakes to Avoid When Selling Gold & Silver

Today gold is more than $1600 per ounce, and silver is nearly $16 per ounce. It doesn’t take many ounces of silver to reach into the hundreds of dollars, and it doesn’t take much gold to reach into the thousands of dollars. But I caution you: there’s a great deal of “Smoke and Mirrors” you’ll face when selling your precious metals, and it’s all designed to help the Buyer and not the Seller.

If you don’t know how the game is played, if you don’t know precisely what you have… before you sell it… then you’re a prime candidate to be taken advantage of when selling. Here are just a few things you should know, and a few things you should own, before attempting to sell your precious metal treasures.

  • Avoirdupois vs. Troy Ounces: If you don’t understand the difference between the two, and if you don’t know how to convert one into the other, then you’ll probably be taken advantage of. Avoirdupois Ounces are bathroom scale or delicatessen scale weights. Precious metals are weighed using Troy Ounces, which are a totally different weight measurement. You had better learn the difference.
  • Ounces vs. Pennyweights vs Grams: Each Troy Ounce contains 20 Pennyweights (dwt.) or 31.1 Grams (g). Some Buyers use Grams to calculate value, while others use Pennyweights. It will vary from store to store. And if you don’t understand how these work, and if you can’t convert one into the other, you will probably be taken advantage of at some point.
  • Sterling Silver Fineness: You must understand the Sterling Silver is always 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% base metal. Never any more or less.
  • Other Silver Fineness: You must understand that some countries used a silver standard other than Sterling, such as 95%, 90%, 90%, 83.5%, or 80%. Each is marked differently and you need to understand how to identify the various markings, and differentiate one from the other.
  • Solid vs. Weighted Sterling: There is a big difference between Solid Sterling and Weighted Sterling. Both metals contain 92.5% pure silver, but Weighted Sterling contains a heavy cement to help prevent the piece from tipping over. And no one is going to pay you for cement.
  • Non-Silver Silver: If you think that German Silver, Alpaca Silver, or Sheffield Silver are real silver, you would be mistaken. And it could cost you.
  • Gold Fineness: If you don’t understand the difference between 10k, 14k and 18k gold, it could also cost you dearly. This is very basic and, with gold at $1,600+ per ounce, a slight miscalculation could cost you thousands.
  • Other Golds: If you don’t know the difference between Rolled Gold, Gold Plate, Gold Fill, Gold Vermeil, or Gold Tone… it could also cost you big bucks.
  • Troy Weight Scale: If you don’t own a $15 precious metals scale, you can’t properly weigh what you own, and you won’t know precisely what you have.
  • Precious Metal Test Kit: If you don’t own a $15 acid test kit which enables you to test and/or confirm the fineness of gold and silver, then you won’t be able to confirm precisely what you do, or do not, have.
  • Diamond Tester: If you don’t own a $15 Diamond Tester, how will you know whether it’s a real diamond or fake paste? (Did you ever hear the story of the family that sold Mom’s $10,000 diamond ring for $10 because they thought it was costume jewelry?).
  • Is the Buyer’s Scale Accurate? Can you determine whether the Buyer’s scale is set to a measurement that favors them over you?
  • Fake Gold and Sterling Items: Fake US and Foreign Coins are made to look authentic but they’re not. And we’re seeing an increasing number of fake jewelry items marked “Sterling“, or with fake “10k, 14k, 18k” gold markings. Most have been manufactured in China and imported here. Can you tell the difference?
  • Are the Gemstones Real or Faux? Can you tell the difference between real and fake gemstones? And the value of each?
  • Buyer Reputation & Longevity: Does the Buyer have extensive experience, or have they recently opened? I would much rather deal with someone who’s been in business, at that same location, for a long time period of time. You don’t stay in business for decades unless you treat people fairly.

Always remember this: The Seller always wants as much as possible, while the Buyer wants to pay as little as possible. If you end up somewhere in the middle, you’re probably okay. But if you don’t understand the value of what you own… before you sell it… you’ll probably be taken advantage of. Need some helping selling Jewelry, Coins and/or Sterling Silver? We can probably help. Call us at 215-264-4304 if you have any questions or need our help converting your treasures into cash.

WHAT’S IT WORTH?: We were helping a woman from Florida to sell some Sterling Silver flatware she had sent to us. Before we sold it, we called her with our calculated weight and estimated re-sale value. Her immediate response was that our weight did not match hers and sounded too light. I asked her three questions

  • Did she weigh it on a bathroom scale? Yes, she had.
  • Did she weigh it while the cloth wrappers that protected the various pieces were still on? Yes, she had.
  • Did she weigh the Sterling-handled knives at full weight rather than just factoring in the weight of the hollow Sterling handle. Yes, she had.

We took her weight, then subtracted the cloth wrapper weight, and the Sterling knife weigh, and converted her Avoirdupois weight to Troy ounces. and guess what? We were spot on. And she was ultimately happy.

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Source by Michael Ivankovich

Do You Need a Stained Glass Grinder When Starting Your Hobby?

When you first think about getting into a stained glass hobby and learn a little about what it takes to get started, you’ll find you will have to decide if you need to get a stained glass grinder immediately.

The cost for a grinder is the largest item that you’ll have to consider among the collection of tools and supplies you’ll need to get started. So for many this is a fairly big decision to make. The truth of the matter is that whether you get a grinder or not will probably determine if you actually end up making some excellent projects and decide to continue working with glass or not.

Many people see a magnificent Tiffany type lamp, or marvel at the elegance of a tasteful stained glass window as an accent in a home, and think that if they learned about making stained glass themselves that they would be able to create something at least nearly as nice for their own home.

And when you research and learn about what it takes to make your own colored glass windows or lamps you’ll find that it is not that difficult or expensive to learn the craft yourself. Only a very few basic tools are required. And for many years in the past there was no such thing as a powered stained glass grinder.

So a new hobbyist may think, “The artisans who made all the great stained glass windows in the cathedrals in Europe or the original Tiffany lamp craftsmen didn’t have an electric powered grinder, why would I need one?” And they go online and get one of the stained glass kits that include the very basic tools but do not include a grinder. Then they start their first project and either find that they can barely get it put together if they are using lead came, or that they are done before they start if they were trying their first project using foil.

While there were no electric grinders in the past, the new glass crafter will quickly find that after cutting the glass, the edges are sharp. And that when glass breaks it doesn’t break in a perfectly straight line up and down on the edge. It is just like when you break a piece of peanut brittle in two. The broken edge is sharp at either the top or the bottom and is always slanted.

No matter how accurately he scores the glass it will not always break where he wants it and the cut piece will not be accurately shaped. He will try nibbling away at it or try to make new small scores on the edges and will end up just making more sharp and variously slanted edges that still don’t exactly match the pattern.

If he is making a lead came project, the channel in the came will allow some irregularities to be covered up, but if his idea was to start with a foil project he is done before he starts. So he has two choices, either learn to grind and smooth the edges by hand using hand held grinding stones and emery sanding paper or go online and order an electric grinder.

You need a stained glass grinder to smooth the edges of the glass after it is cut and to roughen the edge if you are doing foil to allow it to adhere well. You’ll be happily surprised at how you can use the grinder to perfectly shape the piece of glass so that it fits exactly into your project. Doing this by hand is tedious and extremely time consuming.

It can be said that the availability of the reasonably priced electric home use stained glass grinder is the main thing that has allowed making your own stained glass lamps and windows explode as a hobby. What used to take hours can be done in minutes. You don’t need to be a full time craftsman now days to make an exquisite stained glass lamp or window. Give it a try and if possible get one of the stained glass kits that have a grinder as part of the package. You’ll be glad you did.

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Source by Zach Carson

Why California Wine Is the Best

America is ranked 4th worldwide, in terms of wine production; thanks to the substantial quantities produced in the Golden State of California. California’s wine production, remarkably, accounts for about 90% of United State’s entire wine production. To be specific, more than seventeen million gallons of wine are produced in California annually.

Following are top American states known for wine production.

  • California (2025 wineries)
  • Washington (451 wineries)
  • Oregon (295 wineries)
  • New York (239 wineries)
  • Virginia (140 wineries)
  • Texas (136 wineries)
  • Pennsylvania (115 wineries)
  • Michigan (112 wineries)
  • Ohio (108 wineries)
  • Missouri (86 wineries)

That said, when many people talk about California wine, they mostly discuss wines from Napa Valley, forgetting that there are other noteworthy wine-producing regions like Santa Barbra, Sonoma, and California’s Central Coast.

So why is California wine that well-liked?

  1. Tasty and great on the tongue – California wine is big on fruit. The State’s beautiful year-round climate allows their drinks to have some of the tastiest fruits, the world over. The fruity flavors of California’s production are highly noticeable to the extent that even a first-timer can distinguish the feel from other wines.
  2. Highly quality – The California wine industry is over 250 years old. Over the years, the talented wine makers in California have incorporated tradition, art, science, and innovation in coming up with quality products. Additionally, the climate and geography, of California are also ideal for grape growing, making the grapes produced stand out from the rest.
  3. Awards and international recognition – Over the years, the quality of California wine has greatly improved and this has led to more international recognition. In an event marked as The Judgment of Paris, wine from Californian stunned the world by winning the wine contest in both the white and red wine categories. In 2006, in a blind -tasting event dubbed as the Rematch of the Century, the same California wines were re-tested and emerged the winner. Shock hit everyone yet again at the 2013 Tête de Cuvée when California Sparkling Wines carried the day. To appreciate these award-winning sparkling wines, every U.S presidential administration has served them at official state events, since 1972.
  4. Choice and variety – Chardonnay is California’s favorite, but Napa valley produces tasty Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon too. Sonoma area is recognized for its Pinot Noir, Zinfandel wines, and sparkling collection. In a nutshell, there are a plethora of great varietals for every kind of wine enthusiast in California.

All said and done, though other states like Oregon, Pennsylvania and Washington produce this special drink, California is very much ahead of them.

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Source by Alex M

Why Buying Sterling Silver Jewellery Is a Good Idea

Jewellery is something that appeals to all, age no bar, gender no bar, well basically nothing no bar. Though, gold or diamonds tend to burn quite a large hole in one’s pocket, hence not everyone gets to splurge as much as they’d like to. Also, not everyone likes the ebullience of gold, for many diamonds look even more brilliant in white than in gold. If you are one of the many who feel so too then sterling silver jewellery is an excellent idea.

Silver has held an unrivalled admiration ever since the dawn of time, the elegant white shine, and the crisp pure brilliance has been adorned by kings and queens, movie stars and common man all alike. Unlike gold, silver suits almost everyone, and is suitable for almost all occasions. Since it is not as overwhelming as the exuberant gold, it has an understated and subtle elegance about it.

Recession or just plain saving of money, both would take a tough blow if you were to spend large amount of money on the ever increasing price of gold. Sterling silver jewellery proves to be more of an investment as it is not as costly and yet gives you all the luxury and elegance of beautiful ornaments.

The options are many and the styles abundant. Be it a light silver chain with a tear drop pearl or diamond pendant, a simple sterling silver bracelet with small embellishments or a sexy silver anklet. Sterling silver jewellery is here to stay and in style. With a stronghold on both modern and antique jewellery, you could go for traditional designs and modern, chunky jewellery.

The flexibility in style and combinations that silver jewellery offers is tough to compete with. Sterling silver is compatible with all stones, be it the brilliant sapphire or the pure, white brilliance of diamonds set in silver, you could never fall short of options. You could team up sterling silver with gold and have beautiful jewellery made out of them.

Sterling jewellery has myriad options to choose from, looks gorgeous on anyone and everyone, and yet doesn’t put pressure on your pocket too much.

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Source by Chase Lane

Choosing the Right Dinnerware

There are a multitude of different styles of dinnerware out in the market today; you can choose from a plain and simple design to a more extravagant, and detailed style. The important thing to remember when choosing the right dinnerware is determining the occasion that it will be used for. Remember, identifying the purpose will allow you to pinpoint what to look for when purchasing the sets.

The Design

The first option to look into will be the design of the dinnerware sets. The important thing to remember about design is that it should not only match the food being served, it should also match the surroundings. If you have a Victorian dining room and table, then it would be wise to get a matching Victorian style dinnerware. On the other hand, if you are planning to host modern party, modern plates should be used.

The hard part is trying to match the sets with the food being served. Most likely, you will not be eating the same type of food everyday and that might be a problem for specialized sets, because they are not flexible when it comes to food types (i.e. those with Chinese patterns will not match with modern food, or Mexican meals etc.). That is why it is advisable to get white generic plates to use for everyday meals and themed sets for special occasions.

The Durability

Another important consideration needs to be the durability of the sets. Especially for those that will be used for everyday meals, durability is very important. Therefore, one should look for dinnerware pieces that are heavy and thick because this will give them additional strength to handle the stress of being handled everyday. Also, the pieces should be equipped with a tough but shiny coating that can handle being scrubbed everyday (or at least being washed everyday). The coating should also be strong enough to combat the weathering power of the chemicals in dishwashing soap; otherwise, the coat and shine will disappear faster, leaving the plates more susceptible to germs (besides looking highly unattractive).

The Availability

Finally, it is very important to buy dinnerware sets that have sufficient inventory. This is because inevitable breakages will happen whether you like it or not. If you have a very unique set, it will be very hard to find a replacement for the damaged piece. This will render the whole collection half its value and will force you to shell out more money buying a new set. That is why, if you own unique dinnerware sets (especially antiques), be very careful because one false move and the whole thing can be rendered half its worth.

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Source by Robert Diarioti

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