A Few Tricks That Can Help You Win Table Shuffleboard

If you are a shuffleboard table enthusiast, you can learn a few tricks to improve your skills to score better. The main objective of the game is to make sure that your weight is at the far end of the table or nearest to the scoring area. To master techniques like English back spin, side-wheeling and controlling your weight so that it is placed exactly where you want, will all help you to enjoy shuffleboard table even more.

Legendary shuffleboard players like Roadhouse Billy Mays, have taken the game to the next level by participating in professional tournaments and introducing this sport to a wider audience. With sincere diligence and commendable trick shots, shuffleboard table fans are in complete awe of him and the game.

When the English trick is applied the thumb and forefinger are used to apply force to turn the weight anti-clockwise. A lot of practice is needed to learn this technique since if it is not spun properly the weight can slow down and stop in the middle of the shuffleboard table. If this tactic is learnt well and used properly it can increase your points by knocking off your opponent’s weight.

Shuffleboard legend Roadhouse Billy Mays is known for using another trick called side-wheeling, where the shot is taken from the side of the table, using your index and middle finger of your shooting hand to take the shot, which glides down the surface of the board. It’s important to understand if you should take the shot at an angular position or to apply a back spin. It all depends on where you want your weight to be placed and it should be difficult for your opponent to knock it off. With practice and precision you can stay clear of the gutters and manipulate your opponent’s shots.

Shuffleboard table requires, patience, the right amount of control and force that will help you to score maximum number points and help you to maneuver your weights to any position that you want. Players who use both hands to take a shot have a higher advantage, since they can take a shot from either side of the table. The game is simple, use good quality weights; move your opponent’s weight by knocking it off and block your weights which are a good offence and defense method to win the game.

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Source by Harry W Walters

What Does a Seriously Complete Collection Include?

The most extreme case for a large sterling flatware collection might look something like the two lists below for a placesetting and for serving pieces. The pieces in an individual place setting would be something like the list below:

One Complete Place Setting

1 Dinner-size knife

1 Dinner-size fork

1 Luncheon-size knife

1 Luncheon-size fork

1 Dinner-size steak knife

1 Luncheon-size steak knife

1 Teaspoon

1 Salad Fork

1 Cream Soup Spoon

1 Butter Knife

1 Boullion Spoon

1 Fish Fork (part of what is called a Fish Set with the Fish Knife below)

1 Fish Knife

1 Oval Soup or Dessert Spoon

1 Ice Cream Fork (these are extremely rare in some patterns)

1 Five O’Clock Spoon

1 Demitasse Spoon

1 Iced Tea Spoon

1 Cocktail Fork

1 Grapefruit Spoon (with small serrated teeth on the end of the spoon)

1 Fruit Spoon (perhaps the same as a Grapefruit spoon)

1 Fruit Knife

22 Total Pieces

Complete Serving Piece Package

Suggestions for a fairly complete collection of serving pieces (some items would include multiple copies) would include most of the items below, but keep in mind there are dozens of unusual pieces such as the pasta server, asparagus server, food pusher, etc. out there in some patterns:

Solid Table Spoons

Pierced Table Spoons

Gravy Ladles

Sugar Shell Spoon

Master Butter Knife (FH)

Oyster or Small Sauce Ladle

Mustard Ladle

Cheese Knife

Cake Server

Pie Server

Sugar Tongs

Jelly Server Spoon

Cold Meat Fork

Carving Knife

Carving Fork

Pickle Fork (3 tine)

Picke Fork (2 tine)

Bon-Bon Spoon (Pierced)

Tomato Server (HH or FH)

Buffet Forks (2 tine)

Baked Potato Fork (a twisted-tine Buffet Fork)

Caviar Spoon (an actual sea shell attached to a sterling handle as the touch of silver ruins caviar)

Wooden Salad Fork with Sterling Handle

Wooden Salad Spoon with Sterling Handle

Butter Pick

Horseradish Spoon

Cheese Spoon

Pate Fork

Dinner Bell

Candle Snuffer

Have fun collecting them all.

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Source by Rod Low

Barware For Groomsmen

Preparing the wedding gifts for groomsmen are the main duty of the groom, however, getting ideas from the bride is acceptable; just don’t make her choose the gifts for you that would cheat you and your groomsmen out of a male bonding moment. Choosing the right gifts to give is perhaps a bit difficult. Consider some cool barware ideas which will definitely be great wedding gifts for your groomsmen. They will surely appreciate and cherish these gifts for years.

Personalized Barware – Barware is simply defined as glassware’s and other items used in preparing alcoholic beverages and are an essential requirement for hosting a perfect party. Most men love to drink, kick back in the ‘man cave’ with their best buds and sip on a cold brew while watching a game or just having the guys over for a rousing game of Texas Hold Em.

Barware like mugs, flasks, shot glasses, can koozies, and the like are perfect gifts for beer-lover guys. If you decide on giving barware as gifts for your groomsmen, consider customizable beer mugs, flasks and shot glasses enable you to put your men’s name, and date of your wedding on the items. You can also find flasks that are encased in leather, the often come in different colors, shapes and sizes. You may want to choose those items that can be personalized by engraving, etching or embossing techniques easily and affordably.

Other types of barware not typically thought of as wedding gift ideas for groomsmen are shaker sets, bottle openers, wine corkscrew openers and stoppers, serving trays and bowls, coasters, pub signs, mirrors and lighting. These items are customizable and can be personalized with your groomsmen’s name. There are several styles and varieties of these gift ideas to choose from. You will need to decide which style fits your groomsmen’s personalities best.

You might also decide to gift your groomsmen more refined glassware sets such as martini glasses, margarita glasses, collectible steins, shooters, pilsner glasses, unique wine flutes, white or red wine glasses, goblets, tumblers, rock glasses, and decanters, and all may be personalized to your specification. These gifts are sure to assist your groomsmen in finding the woman of their dreams (for those that are bachelors). Women notice these types of things when visiting a gentleman’s home. 

Have any of your buddies ever talked about making their own beer? If so, a perfect gift for them could be a home brewing kit. What better way could you get together with your groomsmen when you get back from your honeymoon (months later men) than to sit down with a home brewed ice cold beverage with your best buds and catch up on the latest news.

Regardless of what you gift your groomsmen, make this time of giving this token of your appreciation an opportunity to celebrate all you’ve been through together over the years, and for their support and friendship. Send them off knowing how much you are indebted to them for all they have had to endure before, during and after the wedding.

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Source by Mike Cafferty

Noritake Dinnerware – A Little Company History

The Noritake Company began as the creation of the Mura brothers in the year of 1904 and has since grown to be a worldwide brand for not only dinnerware but for industries which make use of high tech porcelain technologies. The Mura brothers were Japanese land barons who seemed to have the vision of taking the company global in their minds from the very beginning. Having traveled extensively to areas of Europe and the United States, the Mura brothers became very interested in the western technologies of dinnerware creation, as well as western styles and designs. Their dream was to use these western components in Japan, as they planned creation of their own line of signature dinnerware, known as Noritake.

Upon founding the company, they had an office in New York and produced china dinnerware in the style of the western world with western technologies, just as they had planned in the beginning. Their dinnerware creations became well known in the United States as an affordable alternative to European or American china, and the popularity of their brand grew quickly. Shortly after World War II, the company had built a strong reputation in America. The ceramic creation industry was regarded as an opportunity for jobs to be created for women. This made Noritake an important player in the revitalization of the post war economy in the United States.

In addition to this, Noritake sold a lot of their dinnerware to the members of the United States military who were stationed in Korea and Vietnam during the wars in those countries. The United States soldiers brought the Noritake dinnerware back home with them and the popularity of the Noritake brand in the United States grew even stronger. Then, in the years of the early sixties up through the eighties, United States’ department stores were adding Japanese china to their product lines, which caused the brand to catch on even more.

Due to the greater affordability of the Noritake products, their brand grew increasingly popular during this time period, especially in their product lines for bridal registries. The Western designs caused them to be easily received by the consumers of the United States, and soon the Noritake brand become one of the most popular brands of china available. Today, Noritake is a large international company with numerous product lines selling in counties all over the world. In addition to this, they have branched into other markets outside of dinnerware, and now create components for electronic displays and high tech grinding wheels used by the automobile industry.

Today, the headquarters of Noritake is still in Japan in the city of Nagoya, where they manufacture not only their dinnerware products, but also high tech porcelain which is used for various applications in the electronic and automobile industries. They also have offices in Fair Lawn, New Jersey, where their financial and design issues are handled, as well as a distribution and retail division in Cincinnati. Their affordable prices, classy designs, and dishwasher safe materials, make them a practical and aesthetically pleasing solution for creating a great dinnerware collection.

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A Guide to Vacation Rental Home Options

You might just be planning a short holiday – in which case you’ll likely be weighing up the pros and cons of staying in a hotel room versus renting private accommodation. The decision you make here is dependent on a number of factors, namely how long you’re going to be away for.

If your stay spans only two or three nights, a hotel room may be worth consideration – especially if you’re going to be out and about during the day. Hotels can provide a great solution for individuals or couples, as long as you’re prepared to eat out at restaurants or order room service.

If you’re travelling in a larger group or as a family, however, hotel rooms can be very limiting in terms of space. The same applies if you’re planning on being away for more than a couple of days, as a hotel stay can feel very restrictive.

The one major plus side of staying in a hotel is the access to a range of services – such as cleaning, laundry and having your meals cooked by a professional chef. Having these things taken care of can make the holiday feel more like a luxury break and frees you up to enjoy quality time.

What many people don’t know is that there are many private rental options that offer these same services. For example, you and your family could stay in a fully managed condo, where full maid, bar, chef and even butler services could be at hand.

By choosing a managed rental home, you will take the day-to-day stresses out of your holiday, whilst enjoying more space and privacy. These domestic services may be available in a whole range of rental homes – apartments, villas and houses for instance – so it’s worth looking into if you don’t want to stay in a hotel.

Villas are often the ultimate go-to accommodation for luxury retreats. This is often because they are vast and roomy, as well as being found in secluded locations. Many will have gardens or grounds, as well as an outdoor pool.

Villas are available from 1 or 2 bedrooms up to 8 or 10, so can provide an ideal solution for any number of guests. How large your villa is and its unique features will obviously depend on what you need for your holiday. It’s a good idea to talk this over with an experienced travel adviser.

Apartments are often smaller, but can be ideal if you’re travelling individually or with a partner. Many people would rather not to stay in hotel rooms when they are travelling alone, preferring the peace, tranquillity and solitude of a private rental home.

Holiday apartments can be great if you’re looking for a place to cook meals as well as sleep and use the bathroom facilities. Those looking to rent longer term but still adhere to a limited budget may benefit from an apartment more than a condo or villa.

Condos provide a happy medium between a hotel and a rental home, often offering all the amenities and services of a luxury hotel but with a lower cost per bedroom. This is ideal if you’re travelling as a large group of with a family, as there will be much more space available to you.

For more information about your different rental home options, spend some time researching travel agents that specialise in the particular area you’re travelling to. These agents will be able to provide a whole host of services – making your holiday one to remember.

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Bridal Parties

Apart from the bridal shower, there are other pre-wedding parties that people who are getting married can prepare for.

The Bridesmaids Luncheon

This luncheon is meant to show the bride’s appreciation to her bridesmaids. Most of the time, these luncheons are very informal. Sometimes the bridesmaids are treated to a girls’ night out where they can have a good time. These parties also serve as a perfect way for the maids to get to know one another better. There are times when these luncheons are used for fitting gowns and picking out jewelry. These parties are usually held one or two weeks before the wedding.

The Bachelor Party

The best man usually hosts a bachelor party for the groom. This party is designed to help the groom shake off any wedding jitters. At a bachelor party, various kinds of male entertainment are featured. The groom may also give gifts of appreciation to his groomsmen during these parties. It would be a good idea to hold this party just a few days before the wedding.

The Wedding Breakfast

The wedding breakfast is usually hosted by a friend of the bride for those who have come from out-of-town for the wedding. Apart from being a “welcome party,” the wedding breakfast can also be a good time for out-of-town guests to be informed of the schedule of events surrounding the wedding.

The Bridal Brunch

The bridal brunch gives the bride an opportunity to spend some time with her relatives who have come from different places to be with her for her wedding. This allows the bride to thank her relatives whom she may not be able to see again for a long time.

The Rehearsal Dinner

After the wedding rehearsal, a dinner is usually held for members of the wedding party. Those who will attend include the bride and her fiancé’s immediate families, the priest or minister and spouse, if any, and out-of-town guests. Toasts are usually given during these parties in honor of the couple and their parents. It would be a good idea to schedule the dinner early in the evening.

These parties serve different purposes and can make the whole wedding experience more memorable for the couple since they are given the chance to thank those who have made their wedding possible.

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Source by Richard Romando

The Start of Skagen Watches

Skagen watches began with the story of two immigrants who came to New York from Denmark. This couple was here to begin marketing a brand of watches in order for the Danish company to expand worldwide. This brand was a nice watch to have and began the Skagen line. The couple who introduce this design to the American market found that the brand was likable by the public, but would not become popular because of just the logo and name recognition. Quality and affordability had to go with the name recognition.

This made the couple order four unique designs from the Danish company and almost eight-hundred pieces. These initial designs became the Skagen brand. The order was sold quickly and another order went just as rapidly. The beginning of Skagen was launched. The four designs made the immigrants in New York desire to initiate additional designs and those grew to over thirty different models for the next year. Their perception of what individuals wanted made their designs different from the rest of the watch designs on the market and this turned into a triumph.

The watches were handcrafted and reliable with a Scandinavian flavor as well as being reasonably priced in order to satisfy the average person. An unexpected meeting with a local catalogue producer would put the Skagen line on the map. The catalogue placed one of the designs on the back of the publication. This ad earned more than $800,000 and all of the stock sold out. The couple was only working from a small apartment located in New York City, but the success of this woman’s watch was be start. The designers were on their way to bigger and better things.

Bloomingdale’s decided to take a chance on Skagen, but only on a trial basis. The designs stocked by the store sold out within hours and the revolutionary Skagen line hit the worldwide market after this. The company soon became the new rising star and other publications named them as the local up and comers in the watch market. Soon after their success in America, the two originators set up an office in their home country of Denmark and quickly grew to eighty stores. The 250 designs marketed by the designer are being sold worldwide in over 5,000 stores. The chance that this couple took with the original marketing of four designs has grown into a million dollar company spanning the world while still being creative in design.

That small New York apartment has developed into a starting point for all the models from Denmark to the rest of the world. There is no longer just two employees, there is now over 170 working in many places, but still assisting in new, creative designs. The original designers’ passion has made the world want more and more.

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Jewelry – What Women Really Want!

Women are the most beautiful creation of God. However in order to retain the beauty it is very important that one should take several preventive measures. In the same manner in order to increase your beauty that is getting less with age, it is also important that one should use several things that can make them more beautiful even with age. Out of several things available that can increase the beauty of the women, jewelry is the top one in the list.

There are several sort of jewelry available that are made to increase the charm of a lady. Jewelry is the most sought gift for any lady. It is a fact that there is surely not a single lady who is not fond of jewelry and that is the reason why it is termed as essential as it is jewelry, what women really want.

There are several types of jewelry available like pearl jewelry, silver jewelry, coral jewelry, Gem stone jewelry etc. These are available in different forms like in form of bracelets or earrings or necklace or even complete set. Thus there are several choices available and that is the reason why it can easily fit in one’s budget. For example people who are having good amount of money and want something exclusive, then they can go for having a complete set whereas in case you are having less money then you can go for having attractive earrings or just bracelet and so you can have whatever you prefer as per your budget.

Other than several jewelries available, wedding jewelry is concerned as most important. It is so because it is quite important for every bride to have a good wedding jewelry to look different. These wedding jewelries are made in order to make the bride look entirely different and beautiful and it is the dream of every bride to have jewelry that is enough to make her marriage the most memorable marriage.

There are several ways by which you can have the jewelry of your choice. You can go to several jewelry shops available but here you have to spend your money for going there and most important your precious time. It is for this reason that it is not much preferred way, the other way is to simply sit at your home and surf the net to get the site having wide range of jewelry. However here you need to act wisely as there are several sites that are just there to make money and so perhaps you would get deceived.

Therefore it is important to take care for this aspect as well.

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Diamonds – Size Or Quality?

June is the month in which many people around the world get married. They find themselves in a storm of decisions but what many brides do not know is that before the engagement, their husband-to-be was considering what type of diamond to propose with and may have been stressed out with the whole experience. Men are told that a good rule of thumb is to spend at least two month’s salary on the engagement ring. This can be quite a chunk of income going out in one shot. The good news is that many brides have their own ideas as to what their intended should spend.

We are told that the higher the quality, the better. What men do not realize when it comes to an engagement ring is that size and beauty matters more than the scale at which diamonds are compared as far as their potential brides are concerned. Any woman would rather have a one carat diamond that may not hit the top of the 4 C’s list than a 1/4 carat that is considered flawless. When it comes to diamonds, size does matter.

As long as the diamond is not “yellow” or “dirty looking” any lady is sure to love a bigger rock. There are of course those who really do not care about such things but candidly speaking, most women want the rock to be noticeable. They don’t want their friends to have to look for it. If you are considering buying an engagement ring then you are most likely going to be better off asking your lady what she would like. If you take your time and shop around you are going to find that you can purchase a nice size stone that sparkles and will not send your finances into oblivion.

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Wedding Check List, Step By Step Guide

Planning a wedding is a difficult task for both the families of the bride and groom and the bride and groom individually. There are so many preparations that must be made, and in many cases, not enough time to do it. It’s little wonder that many resort to paying professional wedding planners to do the job for them. However, for many, that is an added expense they can’t afford or, takes away from the fun of planning the wedding. For those who need guidance concerning planning the wedding, here are some steps you will find helpful.

1. One of the most important things to do, as soon as you set the date, is to decide where you want to hold the reception. This may seem like a backward way of doing things, but the reasoning is that reception halls tend to book quickly, especially in the summer or during certain holiday seasons, such as Christmas. In order to assure you will be able to have the reception at the place of your choice, book well in advance – sometimes you may have to plan as much as a year in advance. Of course, you will need to have a general idea of the number of guests you plan to invite, just to be certain your venue of choice is big enough.

2. If you plan to have a church wedding, your next step is to make plans for the use of the church, minister, organist, and any other church facilities you need. If you already belong to a church, this process is much easier than for those who don’t have a home church. In fact, this should probably go hand in hand with booking the reception hall, since you have to make sure the church is available at the date and time you desire. This is especially important if you are planning your wedding around a holiday season or on a Sunday afternoon.

3. Whether you’re having a band or just a disc jockey, you want to book several months in advance. Again, this will depend on the season, but during Christmas with many parties going on, they will book quickly.

4. Unless you have booked a venue that provides catering, such as a fire hall or banquet hall of a restaurant or hotel, you will also need to contract with a catering company. Even if your parents are paying for the wedding, you and your fiancé should have a say in picking the menu items as long as your choices fall within the allotted budget. Alcohol is optional, and if many of the guests are underage, you may wish to eliminate it, except for the wedding toast. If costs are a factor, a cash bar is an alternative.

5. Once you have booked the reception hall and the church, many of the other preparations can go in any order you choose, since they all need to be started at about the same time. However, most brides like to begin by choosing a wedding gown and dresses for the bridal party. Both of these require one to two months’ preparation in case alterations may be necessary and in case any of the styles are sizes need to be ordered by the bridal shop. Allow enough time to ensure your final fitting and any additional alterations will be ready several days before your wedding.

6. You should order the flowers approximately two weeks in advance to allow the florist time to put the order together appropriately and have time to schedule delivery to the church and reception hall on the day of the wedding.

7. You also want to order your cake a couple of weeks before the big day – preferably even one month, depending on the policy of the bakery. In fact, some may only want a week’s notice, but check with your bakery first.

8. Finally, a few days before the wedding, confirm that everything is in place – all guests have responded, names have been provided to whomever is going to make up the place cards (if you plan to have reserved seating), the caterer is clear on the menu and whether it’s sit down or buffet style, the wedding party (male and female) has picked up their attire, and the cake will be delivered by the bakery to the venue.

Of course, your wedding trip is already planned, and though that is part of the wedding, it is not included in the wedding checklist here since many people choose to do that at a later date or it is booked separate from wedding preparations. The same holds true for house hunting, especially since many couples today either live together or already have a place of their own before the wedding.

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