Erotic Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

While erotic gifts are hot at any time of year, a red-hot erotic Valentine’s Day gift will be sure to set the stage for steamy play with your lover. Remember that a gift is not erotic in itself no matter what it is, but it becomes erotic simply because you yourself are erotic and deeply thoughtful. You think to give it because it’s a secret you and your lover will share.

Most of the gifts that follow you can easily purchase online or at a shop at your local mall. Some are classic and some require a little forethought and preparation, but that’s part of the fun. Use your imagination and add your own surprising twists. A great idea coupled with your own creativity is sure to please.

  1. Exotic Scented Massage Oil–You can buy it off the shelf, online or find a bath shop specializing in oils that will create a massage oil blended to your own preferences. What happens after the massage is up to you!
  2. Erotic Literature For Two–There are some great erotic writers producing steamy drama that you and your lover can enjoy together. Curl up together with a glass of wine, some cheese, a hot erotic book and read aloud. Search Amazon or the erotic literature section at your local bookstore for ideas.
  3. Dark Chocolate Syrup With An Artist’s Brush–Valentines Day is incomplete without chocolate. Add a sexy twist with chocolate as an artistic medium. There’s no telling who will have more fun, the artist or the canvas with this gift. A masterpiece of body art, once admired, leaves but one option to follow.
  4. Silk Japanese Kimono–Find them online or in import and clothing exchange shops. Kimonos are not only beautiful with fine-feeling silk fabric decorated with zen-like colors and designs, but also exotic and erotic conjuring Tantric imaginations for the wearers.
  5. An Evening Of Taste And Touch–Plan your own erotic Valentine’s evening at home or secure a cottage. Create an atmosphere of music, lights, fabrics and pillows in your own erotic circle. Prepare a parade of taste sensations with appetizers, beverages and desserts to enjoy together in your lovers’ nest. Relax. Eat. Touch. Love.
  6. An Erotic Toy–A brand new high quality sex toy as an erotic Valentine’s Day gift just demands to be used as soon as possible. An attractive vibrator or classy dildo for her or an artistic cock ring or quality masturbator for him is sure to inspire endless ideas for love.
  7. Erotic Poetry From The Heart–Everyone is a poet. Some of us are just out of practice. Remember poetry doesn’t have to rhyme, but it should be emotional, very personal and dignified. Check out E E Cummings for inspiration. Write or have an artistic friend letter your poem beautifully on quality paper or a card.
  8. An Arrangement Of Candles–Candlelight has it’s own erotic moods and qualities. Use your creative juices to arrange candles on a tray, throughout a room or even the entire house. Tea lights or votive candles in varying colored holders provide an almost limitless pallet. Once the candles are aflame, your passions will also ignite.
  9. Steamy Bath For Two–Gather a variety of luxurious bath products: a loofa, scented soaps, oils, salts and throw in a kinky package of soap crayons or body paints and let your erotic imagination go wild. If you can secure a rubber ducky, let him loose beneath the bubbles and see what happens!
  10. An Erotic Game–Some great minds have invented seriously fun and creative sex games bent on getting couples tangled in passionate sex. They’re available in shops and on the web as well as in some e-books filled with endless ideas. Alternatively, pick up a game of Twister, oil one-another up and place your bets on who’s left standing!

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Source by Sean Christopher

Gucci Watches – Mechanical Versus Quartz

Gucci watches have been around since 1920 and have been leading the time peace market for many decades now. The choice of these fine watches include scratch resistant sapphire, diamonds with stainless steel or brushed stainless steel. The material is durable and the style is fashionable and elegant. Watchmakers from around the world have been vying to find the ultimate in usability and quality.

The Quartz battery came into being in 1970 and since then the majority of watchmakers have used Quartz batteries. Many of the more up market brands have both mechanical and Quartz watches, however, it is interesting to note that today 90% of the watches are Quartz battery operated. Mechanical watches are marginally more costly than their Quartz counterparts, but may have a longer life span.

Mechanical watches are less advantageous than Quartz watches. Mechanical are much more expensive, their parts are more expensive and they tend to be less reliable than the Quartz version. This makes it more sense to purchase Quartz as opposed to mechanical.

In terms of keeping time, Quartz is much more efficient than mechanical. Quartz watches only lose or gain one second in a seven-day period, in the same period a mechanical watch can lose or gain around sixty seconds. If accuracy is important, you should rather consider Quartz.

The mechanical watch has more working parts than the Quartz watch, this means that mechanical watch has more things that can go wrong with it and for this reason the mechanical watch will be more expensive in terms of maintenance.

The Quartz watch will usually not last as long as the mechanical watch. With proper services to the mechanical watch, these can last literally a lifetime and can be passed onto children and the children’s children. As the mechanical watches age, they can become of value and could be sold to collectors for a tidy sum of money.

Mechanical watches unlike Quartz watches are not affected by cold weather. When the weather gets too cold, the Quartz watch may stop working for the sole reason of saving your watch’s battery life.

Most watchmakers will design a Quartz watch and this makes it easy for one to buy a Quartz watch. These watches are generally less expensive than mechanical watches and for this reason it makes good sense to buy a reliable Quartz watch.

Most of the renowned watchmakers guarantee that each timepiece is a work of art. There are over 24 different brands to choose from and each has been worked on with precision, style and quality in mind. The intricacy of the bracelet designs, the case layouts and the diamond markers are guaranteed every time.

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Source by Ben Pate

Why Reusable Bags Are Better Than Plastic and Paper Bags?

Reusable bags are sensible alternative to paper and plastic bags. By using reusable bags, not only can you lug around your groceries, you can also play your part in preserving the environment. Over the course of the year, over 360 billion plastic bags are used in the United States alone. The sad news is that it takes over 1000 years for plastic bags to break down within a landfill.

As plastic bags break down they separate into smaller toxic bits that other creatures inadvertently eat. Most animals do not have the ability to rid their bodies of this foreign material and it is because of this that many of our most exotic species are dying off. The production of plastic grocery bags consumes huge amounts of oil that could otherwise be used to meet our fuel demands. By using biodegradable reusable grocery bags you are, in your own way, helping with our fuel crisis. The production of paper bags consumes huge amounts of trees, and this should be avoided since we’re trying to preserve our environment. It takes years for a tree to grow into maturity, and only a few seconds for it to be chopped down. Why should a tree be sacrificed in order for us to transport our groceries? We shouldn’t have to sacrifice our world just so that we can easily transport our groceries, and in all honesty, why should we?

This is where reusable bags come in. Reusable grocery bags are made from recycled and biodegradable materials. They are very rugged and dependable, and can be used over and over again. Unlike plastic bags, reusable grocery bags do not have any negative impact on the environment. When you throw away your reusable grocery bag, over the course of time, it will break down into non-toxic biodegradable pieces. Also, the length of time that it takes for a reusable grocery bag to become worn out is substantially larger than that of a paper or plastic bag. This means that you won’t have to replace your bag for some time.

Currently the country is thinking about following in Ireland’s footsteps and instituting a tax on all plastic bags. By doing so not only will the government received more of an income, they will also be able to effectively discontinue plastic bags for the most part. By using reusable grocery bags you can effectively avoid this future tax.

Another benefit of reusable biodegradable bags is the relative cost. Most, if not all, reusable biodegradable bags are extremely affordable. Considering that you will only have to purchase two or three and they will last you for years, it is even more affordable. So why should you delay any longer? Go out and purchase your own reusable grocery bag.

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Source by Tom V Powell

The Historic and Luxury Brand Known As Breitling

For some people owning a piece of history can mean collecting old antiques and trinkets; this could be an old dressing table, a timeless piece of art to hang on the wall or be as simple as collecting salt and pepper pots that our ancestors would have used.

The need to own something from our history can comfort us and make us feel at one with our ancestors and days gone by. Many of us will invest huge amounts of money to ensure we get that all important collectable item to show off with the rest of our collection.

There are hundreds of auction houses who specialise in selling particular valuable and collectable items. There are auction houses who only sell fine pieces of art and auction houses which will only sell extremely valuable jewellery, watches and fine clothing.

The recent trend with collectors all across the world is the exciting and valuable world of jewellery and watches. If you are a jewellery collector, you may collect a range of different types of jewellery or you may just be passionate about a particular item.

You maybe passionate about, tiaras, rings, bracelets or diamond earrings. If you are a col-lector passionate about diamond rings, imagine the possibilities you have to own a piece of history.

The most expensive items ever sold at auction include a pink round diamond ring which sold for $46.2 million, the step cut diamond weighed in at 24.78 carat. The diamond ring still holds the record as the most expensive piece of jewellery sold at auction.

However, not everyone has that much to spend on their piece. You can still easily own a piece of diamond history for as little as a few hundred pounds. Adding to your collection will take time and money, but owning a watch or piece of jewellery is an investment in the future. Owning a piece of history to appreciate in the future.

If watches are your passion, you will be spoilt for choice. Watches have been an integral part of history, with the first wrist watch dating back to 1868 and was introduced by well known swiss watch maker Patek Philippe. The watch was launched specifically for women to wear.

A Patek Philippe watch was one of the most expensive watches sold at auction; it was bought for $11 million at a Sotheby’s auction in December 1999. It is also known as the most complicated watch ever made.

A close competitor of Patek Philippe is the swiss watchmaker Breitling. Founded in 1884, the brand soon followed with launching their own creation of beautiful and luxury watches.

Breitling was first known for creating chronographs for use in science and sports, but decided their skills could also be put to commercial use. Breitling watches are now well recognised and appreciated all over the world.

Breitling watches are unique in design and build. The first wrist watch featured a chrono-graph that wearers could use to time successive events by pressing the start and stop but-tons, this was a new and exciting feature for the owner.

Breitling watches have revolutionized over time and all modern watches now include a certified chronometer, the wearer can feel like they are wearing a piece of the companies original design and history.

The watch industry is huge business with many brands and companies offering the rich and famous a chance to own a piece of handmade perfection. You will often see celebrities with the next ‘must have’ watch.

If you are looking to invest in owning a piece of the passed and present, consider a Breitling watch, as not only will you be wearing a piece of watch making perfection but you will be the envy of friends and fellow collectors.

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Source by Mark Blowers

Popular Patterns of Gorham Stainless Steel Flatware

Most women are naturally choosy. Even with our things, we prefer those that have unique and attractive designs.

That goes the same with the flat wares that we are using in our households. We go for utensils that have a striking design in its holder or plates that have attractive colors. We chose for things that speak a lot about us.

In a wide variety of pieces one can find in Gorham stainless steel flatware, you can select various knives in different designs and styles. Mentioned below are some of the distinct patterns of knives.

One, is the pattern Blossom. It was created as a stainless steel version of the esteemed Buttercup sterling silver pattern by Gorham. It is heavy in weight and hard to bend.

The Golden Ribbon Edge is one of the most known gold-accent Gorham stainless steel flatware patterns. Its border features 24K gold plating that continues on the reverse side and is dishwasher safe.

Another is the Silver Beads flatware. It is unique among the over 500 Gorham Stainless Steel Flatware. The large bead design is very trendy.

Gorham stainless offers a great value with their line up of boxed sets featuring heavy weight, hollow handled knives and extra place pieces.

The Melon Bud pattern in Gorham stainless steel flatware is one of the quiet successes of stainless flatware.

Pacifico is an incomparable pattern by Gorham, with a very vase-like body, and a heavy weight, the knife is made in the offset style, but does not balance on the blade itself.

There a lot of patterns you can choose from. What is more important is that you get the comfort and the luxury any of these patterns give. So set your table now and be thrilled in using these kitchen collectibles.

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Source by Jinky Pauline Salcedo

Executive Holiday Gift Ideas for Doctors and Nurses

Doctors want to show appreciation towards employees and patients during the holidays while nurses hunt for that perfect executive gift their boss doesn’t have.

Whichever side you are on, this article is meant to be of service to medical professionals who are looking for the perfect executive corporate gift.

Nurses should consider these executive holiday gift ideas for their boss

  • Consider getting your boss a tech-related gadget such as a wireless USB laser-pointer. Armed with this tool, your boss can navigate through his slideshow presentations, meetings and speeches a little easier, making this a useful and practical gift. The doctor’s name imprinted on the side of the laser-pointer will do the trick.
  • Forget the prescription pads and pens; the entire office should chip in for the health information system that stores Electronic Medical Records (EMR). While it may take some time to transfer paper-based records over to EMR, the added benefits are obvious: save time and money.
  • A leather-bound portfolio featuring multiple pockets and an executive-style pen. Each item can be imprinted with the Doctor’s name and practice.

Doctors should consider these executive holiday gift ideas for their nurses

  • Executive gift baskets for the entire office can be filled with decadent chocolates, a variety of nuts, caramels, pretzels, organic food items, wine or cheese. Luxury gift baskets containing spa and bath-related product meant to sooth the mind and body are also great alternatives for nurses.
  • Personal items such as picture frames wrapped in quality leather, reusable drinkware items with the practice’s logo or employee name and lunch coolers are great business gift ideas that nurses will appreciate.
  • If your nurses are always complaining about it being too cold in the office than perhaps you might want to consider a logoed jacket the entire office can wear. Pick a color scheme that matches their current uniforms.

Doctors should consider these branded corporate holiday gift ideas for their patients

  • Reusable drinkware items have staying power.
  • 4-in-1 pill box features pill storage, cutter, crusher and cup
  • Basic first aid kit
  • Magnifier with carrying case
  • Fitness giveaway items and pedometers
  • Hand sanitizers

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Source by Rob Stillman

Home Decor Themes – Your Style

If you want your home décor themes to show off your personal style and impress all of your visitors, you can find great ideas for home décor themes online. The internet offers a wide selection of possible home décor themes to choose from, and with the right home décor themes, your home can really be a place you enjoy, as well as one with the style and class you can be proud of.

· Bathroom home décor themes:

As few items of merchandise as there are for your bathroom, those items may be exactly what make your bathroom stand out. You can coordinate your bathroom décor so that it looks great and feels welcoming for your guests. The home décor you choose for your bathroom is going to be very important for the overall look of your home. If you want to go with anything from fishes to disco home décor themes for your bathroom, you are sure to find great ideas online, so have a look around.

You can coordinate your guest bathroom décor nicely as well, so that it looks great and feels welcoming for your guests.

· Bedroom home décor themes:

When you select home decor themes you have many things to consider, from the color of your trashcans to curtains to bedspreads etc., and of course, the particular theme you are going for. The home décor you have in your bedroom is very important, because you want your bedroom to be a comfortable environment especially designed for you to relax and unwind. Some people have bedroom home decor themes such as winter-type colors and designs for the colder months, and then separate bedroom home décor themes for the warmer times of the year.

For example: In autumn you can use a home decor themes such as a bedspread with autumn leaves and pillows in autumn colors. Perhaps you can pull out some specifically autumn-like trinkets to set on your dresser or nightstand. You can change the home décor theme in your bedroom as often as you like–some people even change simple things like bedspreads, sofas etc, four times per year to suit the style of the season.

· Kitchen home décor themes:

You spend a lot of time in your kitchen. So you want to have home décor themes for your kitchen that make you feel at home, comfortable and proud of the beautiful re-decoration around you. There are all kinds of home décor themes for your kitchen–depending on the kinds of styles you like best.

There are many options when choosing home décor themes for your kitchen–from different types of lighting that best suit your home décor theme, to wall boarders and easy stencils for the walls, to clocks, and so much more. Many people like to go with a bright, colorful motif in their kitchens, and then there are other people who want their kitchen home décor theme to be very elegant and luxurious. Everyone choosing a home décor for the kitchen should be sure to choose kitchen home décor themes that are something to be pleased with, something pleasing to the eye.

· Living home décor themes:

The living room home décor themes available to choose from include virtually everything you could want for your living room–from color design to rustic motifs. Such home décor themes can be trendy, simplistic or luxurious, depending on the type of living room that you want to design. Many people like home décor themes that have to do with color themes, themes such as collectors items, for example: a living room home décor theme that includes more than anything else little hand-made African instruments and African-style trinkets and statuettes on display, and there are many more kinds of home décor themes for your living room–all depending on your personal taste.

· Patio and garden home décor themes:

Furniture and other items you will need for certain home décor themes for your patio and/or garden are also available in casual, unique, luxurious, abstract, and even vintage designs. You can go with patio or garden home décor themes such as Victorian themes, modern art accessories, rustic designs and much, much more just for you.

§ Patio home décor themes

Enjoy the outdoors this year with a great outdoor home décor theme that best suit your needs and in which you can relax and unwind. Home décor for your patio is very important if you enjoy and make use of your patio at home. There are many types of patio home décor themes that range from plants in pots and beds, to the rustic look, to the relaxing, lounge-about beachside look and more.

§ Garden home décor

Your garden is also very much a part of you home and aside from what you plant in your garden to make your garden look stunning, there are also pieces of garden décor that can add a home décor theme that is fragrant, beautiful touch, and fits a certain category such as a Japanese garden, a Victorian garden or a garden with religious home décor themes to the beautiful garden you already have, or if you are just getting started designing your new garden. Add garden merchandise such as archways, gnomes, little picket fences, and more to create the most beautiful home décor themes in your indoor or outdoor garden.

The home décor themes you want will, of course, be exclusive to your ideas of what you want your home yard, and garden to look like–i.e. your personal preferences in home design. What looks great to one person may be unimpressive to another. You want home décor themes that you adore and can be proud of. And, hopefully, you will design home décor themes that your friends and family members will love too! So there is a lot of looking to be done.

But remember, your home décor themes should be the best home décor themes to suit you no matter what different kinds of personal taste others have. After all, it’s your home.

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Source by Anne Clarke

The Various Models of Men’s Watches – Different Watches for Different Types of Men

Men’s watches are starting to have a specific niche. This can be observed from the various designs for different professions and lifestyles of men, separate from that of women. From designs intended for runners, swimmers, office professionals, racers, military personnel, and many more, the options are endless. This piece of information is dedicated to the different watches for different types of men in the society.

Looking at the market right now, there are different models of men’s watches from military watches to sports watches. You can also find casual and more formal types. There are also versions for young kids and teenagers.

These watches are made of different materials. You can find them made of steel, silver, or plastic. Some are even more luxurious with materials such as gold and platinum.

There are time pieces that are also made with more than one material. For example, the strap may be made with leather and the casing is made of steel. In addition, these watches for men may be adorned with precious metals. There are fine watches adorned with diamonds, gold, and other semi-precious jewels.
From these characteristics, you will notice that each one has its own unique part that will differentiate it from the rest. The choice basically depends on your own specific needs and requirements.

If you are an executive, your ideal watch is an elegant watch with a compact face and a subtle design. Those large faces with minimal functionalities should be avoided. The goal is to be understated but elegant with your accessories. You would also consider a watch with a calendar window, a diary, and a reminder system.

On the other hand, if you are an athlete, you would want to choose a fine watch with minimal functionalities but clear numerals in its face. You also want these to be water-resistant and shock-proof. Of course, you need to choose the type with a sporty appeal.

Military men also require other specifications for their watches. They may require water-resistant watches with a lot of features. Accuracy is of vital requirement for their profession too. They may also need a compass, a reminder system, and a stopwatch.

From what we have covered, you get to know that, just like other accessories, men’s watches come in different types. But this only serves as a reminder that these should be fully used when worn. For men who are less concerned with fashion, these watches should not only serve as an accessory for aesthetic appeal but also for function. At the end, the choice amidst these options depends on the lifestyle and everyday routine of the person.

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Source by Paul De Vizard

Gift Cards – A Consumer Guide

A gift card is a plastic, electronic version of the old paper gift certificate (a paper voucher that can be spent at a specific store). The card contains a computer microchip that stores a set value according to how much the giver spends at the time he or she purchases the card. In industry terms, this kind of card is described as a “prepaid” or “stored-value” payment device. A balance of funds is stored on the card until it is spent by the person who received it as a gift.

Some gift cards are sold by specific retailers (such as Gap, Barnes & Noble, and Target) and can only be redeemed at those retail establishments; these are called “closed-system” cards. Others are sold by credit card companies (such as Visa, MasterCard, and American Express) and can be spent anywhere those cards are accepted; these gift cards are called “open-system” cards.

Since their introduction in the mid-1990s, gift cards have been an increasingly popular solution to the age-old dilemma of what to buy for family and friends on birthdays and holidays, when you have no clue what they would like. As an alternative to giving an envelope of cash (which many people find to be crass or impersonal) or taking a gamble on a sweater that will probably be returned or pushed to the back of the closet, a gift card has become a fashionable way to show you care by allowing someone to pick out something that he or she really likes.

Gift cards came into use in the American marketplace in the mid-1990s, but the origin of “prepaid” cards can be traced to the early 1970s, when transit cards were first issued as a convenient way to prepay for a block of subway or bus rides. At about the same time, colleges and universities began offering prepaid cards that students could use to make purchases on campus. Closed-system cards found another application in the late 1980s with the advent of prepaid phone cards.

The video-store chain Blockbuster is credited with introducing, in 1995, the first closed-system prepaid gift card. The idea caught on immediately, and 10 years later just about every major retailer in the United States offered a closed-system gift card for purchases at their locations.

The first open-system cards were made available in the early 1990s, when the federal government began replacing paper-based food stamps (vouchers issued as public assistance to low-income families) with Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) cards, which could be used to buy food at grocery stores. In the mid-1990s Visa and a London-based company called Mondex International introduced prepaid open-system cards that could be used anywhere as a form of electronic cash. Although these and other open-system cards were slower to catch on, in 2005 industry analysts stated that prepaid or stored-value cards had great potential for other uses.

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Source by Kris Lee

Try Making A Baby Shower Gift Card Gift Basket

Trying to think of a fun and unique baby shower gift basket idea for your friends baby shower? There are so many ideas out there and so many things you can do. The important thing is to think about the person you are giving the gift to and what she likes!

One really unique gift shower basket that you can make on your own easily is a gift card basket. Why a gift card you might ask? Well, often is the baby is the first born the parents to be have no idea of the things they need. They also will often get duplicates of gifts and then be forced to exchange and return gifts. Therefore a fun and unique idea is to assemble a gift basket of gift cards.


By giving a few different gift cards you are allowing for a great deal of flexibility. They will be able to go shopping at their own leisure after the baby is born. They are not locked into purchasing a certain item or being stuck with a gift they will not use. The gift card can be a practical and easy way to say to someone go out and get whatever it is you need.

For example with our first born we registered one series of baby bottles that we decided later did not work for us. However, we had tons of them since they were on our registry list many people were kind and got them for us. However, it was all wrong and we did not know until after our baby was born. We were then stuck exchanging the bottles and trying to find something from that store that would work for us using store credit. We then had to go to another store to actually purchase the bottles that we wanted.

By giving a gift card you allow the couple to be some flexibility in their shopping and they can find items that will work for them.

No Returns

With a gift card you can be sure that the parents to be will not have to go and return the item you gave them. This saves them a great deal of time and the big hassle of a return. It also eliminates the gift receipt and trying to hold on and track all of the receipts for the different gifts they were given.

Fill In the Gaps

Often after the baby shower is completely over and the baby has been born there are inevitable other things the couple will find they need. At this point it would be nice to have a gift card and be able to fill in the missing items they need without having to worry about money.


By giving a baby shower gift card basket the couple can use the gift cards at a time that works best for them. This is often after the baby has been born and they can make a great first outing. They can also hold on to the card for longer and decide to use it whenever they want.

A Random Sampling

If you are putting together a gift card baby shower basket it is nice to get what I call a random sampling of gift cards. While this is really not a random process it helps make sense of the idea. In fact this is an exact science. You will want to get a variety of gift cards so they can be used at different times when needed. For example a gift card to any of the following places would be very useful

Bookstore – This card can be used to purchase a parenting book or even leisure reading book. Or it might be used to purchase some books for the baby like the “Baby Einstein” series.

Food To Go – This is one that is a real life saver. After the birth of your first child and after you have been waking up every three hours throughout the first few nights you will find that you are way to tired to cook food and are in no shape to go out and eat. This is where a gift card from a local restaurant that offer order to go can be a very useful and in fact lifesaving gift. They can simply phone in an order and then let mom go and pick it up while dad takes care of the baby for a little while. This allows mom a little outing and dad a chance to spend time with the newborn while also feeding their hungry stomachs.

Baby Store – This one is kind of obvious but providing a gift card to the local Babies R Us or other baby items store can be a real life saver also. It will help to purchase formula, diapers or items that find they need like a bottle warmer or a different stroller.

By collecting cards from a few different places and assembling them together in a fun gift basket you can give a very practical gift and one that is a lot of fun. Try giving a baby shower gift card basket at your next shower and watch as people faces light up! It is definitely a unique baby shower gift basket idea and a useful one to boot.

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Source by Chris Ryerson

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