Gorham Silver Flatware

Gorham silver flatware have been adored and appreciated for generations, and not just because of their functionality and design, but also for the value that they literally bring about to the table or even your display racks. When it comes to quality, companies have been trying to best each other by putting out high quality […]

Antique Flatware – A Profitable Hobby

It has been a well versed and sufficient stable practice for people with different backgrounds, religion and race to engage in the art of collecting antique flatware for different reasons that range from either fulfilling various personal fantasies which relates to beautifying their homes with a piece of history Or making a quick and recognizable […]

6 Reasons Why People Buy Designer Brand Fashion

A lot of people buy designer clothing and accessories, we can now see that a lot of Asian countries such as Singapore and Malaysia have a lot of people who are willing to purchase very expensive luxury items. In this article you will learn of 6 main reasons why people will buy branded designer clothing […]


Jetzt kaufen Eight years ago, there was no World Government. There were no agents, no carts. The fear of a nosebleed did not exist. Then came The Affection-an incurable disease that ran rampant across the planet, killing off roughly 60% of the human population. Two years later-with order in shambles and governments all over the […]

Weddings and Wine Glasses

Wedding season is among us. As the flowers of spring bloom and the ice from winter melts blushing brides to be are hustling and bustling to make their special day unique. From the caterer to fussy relatives, planning a wedding can be exhausting. Who knows that choosing wines and glasses can be so complicated? Typically […]

Robert Couturier: Designing Paradises

Jetzt kaufen A passion for luxury and beauty propels the multifaceted work of acclaimed international architect and interior designer Robert Couturier. Robert Couturier’s aesthetic is a dialogue between Old World elegance and contemporary design. His masterful approach effortlessly brings eras together, for example a Louis XVI commode with a 1960s lamp. Couturier’s name has become […]

All About a Corelle Dinnerware Set

A Corelle dinnerware set is designed to make an impact. Corelle offers a wide variety of very durable patterns. These patterns are classified into six styles: simply natural, classic elegance, casual whimsy, sleek and modern, global fusion and cozy chic. Each dinnerware set has its strength whether it is that the dinnerware is a celebration […]

Scent of a Woman in Mens Fashion Clothing Design

New trends and styles for men’s clothing and accessories are often influenced and preceded by women’s fashion. If floral’s are on the cards for spring 2009 then similarly you’ll see watered down versions in suits through to silk ties. It might sound ridiculous, but, it has been so for centuries. Louis Patou a Paris fashion […]

Advanced Practice Nursing: Emphasizing Common Roles

Jetzt kaufen The 3rd Edition of this AJN Book-of-the-Year Award winner prepares graduate nurses to meet the challenges of practice today and to take leadership roles in the future. From its historical roots to contemporary concerns and trends, the author traces the development of the advanced practice nursing role and articulates the major issues facing […]