Wedding Reception Decorations

Truly creative and elegant wedding reception decorations go beyond the traditional flowers and balloons. Wedding reception decorations can be asaborate or as simple as you want them to be. They can also vary tremendously in price from extremely inexpensive, to very costly. However, the most important thing to consider when looking for wedding reception decorations […]

Wedding Video Contract Planning

Couples should never hesitate when deciding to start a gift registry. Do you really need two toasters and a popcorn machine that you'll never use? A gift registry is the perfect way of telling your guests exactly what it is that you've both love to receive as a wedding gift. Sometimes couples that are starting […]

Giving a Baby Shower Gift

Sometimes it's hard to decide what to give as a baby shower gift. If they have a baby registry, then it's easy, you just pick out what they want. If you want to give something extra that is special, or if they do not have a registry, it can be hard to think of something […]