The Beauty of Sterling Silver Flatware

Sterling silver flatware can make a lovely and sophisticated addition to any table setting. Sterling silver is a timeless and simple beauty that is very common when setting a table, especially for special occasions. Sterling silver flatware, because it can be so valuable both in money and meaning, has to be taken care of in […]

Tips and Tricks on How to Make Beaded Silverware

Beaded silverware is popping up everywhere in fine boutiques, and no wonder, it is exquisite. What if you could learn how to make it for yourself? I am going to give you some tips and tricks on how to make your own beaded silverware. The possibilities for design are endless because there is such an […]

Fashion Angels Project Runway Portfolio

Jetzt kaufen Calling all models to the runway! the Project Runway sketch portfolio will bring out your inner fashion stylist by dressing models and getting them ready to walk the runway! this sketch pad comes with removable plastic stencil cards with over 100 fashion and accessory shapes to help you create your designs on the […]

Dinnerware- Making the Right Selection

What type of dinnerware to utilize for your get-together is simple for some, but not so simple for others. For those who find it easy to entertain, this is no difficult task and putting out dinnerware is as simple and as setting up the placements. But for many, the skill is one that is hard […]

Eiffel’s Tower: The Thrilling Story Behind Paris’s Beloved Monument and the Extraordinary World’s Fair That Introduced It

Jetzt kaufen The story of the world-famous monument and the extraordinary world’s fair that introduced it, by the author of Conquering Gotham and Urban Forests In this first general history of the Eiffel Tower in English, Jill Jonnes-acclaimed author of Conquering Gotham-offers an eye- opening look not only at the construction of one of the […]