How to Pick Elegant and Casual Dinnerware

The term "Dinnerware" is a synonym for "dishware" or the actual dishes that are used for the purposes of eating and serving food. It can also refer to a set of dishes, including the matching serving pieces. The term "crockery" is the UK English terminology that is often used to mean dinnerware. Dinnerware is classified […]

A Death in Vienna (Gabriel Allon, Bk 4)

Jetzt kaufen Gabriel Allon’s nightmares come back to haunt him in this tense thriller from #1 New York Times bestselling author Daniel Silva. Art restorer and sometime spy Gabriel Allon is sent to Vienna to discover the truth behind a bombing that killed an old friend, but while there he encounters something that turns his […]

Home Decor – Choices, Choices, Choices

Choosing home decor can be very difficult to do with so many different styles available. Deciding what type you want to use depends on several factors. You should choose according to your lifestyle, your preferences, whether you have children, pets etc. The easiest way to choose your decor is simply to decorate with the style […]

Platinum over Sterling Silver VG Moissanite Framed Round Pendant Necklace, 18″

Platinum over Sterling Silver VG Moissanite Framed Round Pendant Necklace, 18

Jetzt kaufen

Moissanite in its natural form is too rare and too small making it unsuitable for jewelry purposes. However, one century after it’s discovery, through a combination of science, technology, and master gemcutting, created Moissanite is available for fine jewelry.
Moissanite has 2.5 times the fire of a diamond
Moissanite’s hardness is 9.25 on the Mohs scale, second on to a diamond – But it is tougher than a diamond, making it less likely to chip or break.
Each piece of Moissanite is hand-faceted by a master gem cutter to maximize it’s brilliance and fire. Moissanite is actually more difficult to cut than a diamond.
Diamond Equivalent Weight: 1 1/6 cttw

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American Graffiti: Special Edition

Jetzt kaufen From director George Lucas (Star Wars) and producer Francis Ford Coppola (The Godfather), American Graffiti is a classic coming-of-age story set against the 1960s backdrop of hot rods, drive-ins and rock n’ roll. Starring Ron Howard, Richard Dreyfuss, Harrison Ford, Cindy Williams, Mackenzie Phillips and Suzanne Somers in their breakout roles, this nostalgic […]